Does The Moon Move Across The Sky At Night?

Do all astronomical objects in the night sky move at the same rate?

If I had two stars (which ever two you want them to be) do they move across the sky at the same speed.

Stars move across the sky at very nearly the same speed. Stars actually move slightly with respect to each other, but not enough to see with your unaided eye during your lifetime.

Planets, and the Moon, however, do move across the sky at varying speeds relative to the stars. That's in fact the origin of their name (Planet means Wanderer, and the ancients considered the Moon a planet as well).

Why has the moon remained low in the sky tonight?

I have been enjoying the night sky a lot over the past few months. In January or February I noticed the moon would travel across the sky and be above my house or on the other side of the house right before I went to bed, which was in the very late night/early morning hours. Now, I look outside at 1 in the morning and the moon hasn't moved. Why?

The Moon rises later and later each day, but repeats itself every 28 days. The Moon is moving.

If Triton were our moon?

If Triton were our moon what would we see every night? I understand that Triton has about a six day orbital period, so does that mean we would only see the moon only every sixth night? Would there still be a full moon every 30 days or would it be full every 180 days? (30x6=180) If so does that mean we might not even see the moon when it was full? I have been looking for the answers to these questions online but the majority of these sites just say that it has a retrograde orbit, may have been captured and has a 5.87 day orbital period. A link to a site that would explain these questions, and better explain what this moon would look like from the planets surface every night would be great.

If Triton orbited Earth once every 6 days we would see it move through its phases every six days. A full moon once a week, lasting for just a few hours.

Our moon orbits once every 28 days. It appears to pretty much stay in one place each night, but can be seen to have moved some against the stars by the next night. Triton would appear to move against the starry background fully one third across the sky each night.

Where is the moon during day?

Sometimes its out during day but faint

There are a ridiculous amount of false answers on here and I'm not referring to the ones that posted a humorous response. The Moon has a 27.3 day orbit around Earth. Because of this, it's position in the sky will change daily in relation to the position of the Sun. During the new moon phase, the Moon is close to the Sun's position in the sky. Then it begins to move away from the Sun's position. During full moon phase, the Moon would be opposite the Sun. Then it would begin to slowly move towards the Sun's position again. In general terms, the Moon will rise in the daytime sky for 14 days and rise in the nightime sky for the next 14 days. If you are not able to see the Moon during the day, it means that the Moon is near it's full moon cycle and would be on the opposite side of the Earth than the Sun.

IF the Moon took 29.5 days to orbit Earth, it would match Earth's sidereal month and would then always appear to be in the same position in the sky compared to the Sun.

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