Does The Human Eye Grow?

Is it possible for a human's eye ball to grow back?

I'm a teen studying if a human's eye can grow back if it fell out. Ten points....... And if so please explain the way it happens.

No, unfortunately once your eye is gone it is gone forever. This is why people use glass eyes, fake eyes or sunglasses to hide the empty socket.

comparison of human eye and camera?

A human eye can focus perfectly almost instantly. A camera takes time to focus, and does not always focus on the right thing. A human eye can only see a specific range of light frequencies, whereas a camera can sometimes see a broader range of light frequencies. Close up, the human eye has a greater resolution, but modern cameras can read a book from outer space. A camera can only beat the human eye in zoom if the camera is bulky. the eye is a smaller object than a camera that operates with the same resolution. Hope this helps!

Why does the human eye naturally have blind spots?

Like you know how if you cover your left eye and you look at something, the right eye has that blind spot on the right of it, same goes with the left. I don't understand why every normal human has this.

I think its where the optic nerve connects to your eye, so you can't see there. If you have both eyes open tho, your eye compensate for each other creating a complete field of vision.

how far can the human eye see?

I have a co-woker and we were talking about the distance a human eye can see. I said under the right conditions like CLEAR night and the source being on a mountian top (or something like it) -to take the curve of the earth out of the picture ...the eye can see a match (or a candle flame) 20 Miles. I've found it to be as high as 14 miles, can anyone help? and please state where you found the info if you can. Thank you Tommy Long Myrtle Beach SC.

In theory, the "far point" of the human eye is essentially infinity. Its the resolving power of the eye which really limits your ability to see things that are far away. So while the eye can see a candle flame at 14 miles, if there were two candle flames close together, you eye would just see them as a single flame at that distance. In contrast, the "near point" (distance to closest objects that can be seen clearly) is 25 cm (for a 25 yr old with "good" vision).

why planets cant grow?

why planets cant grow but human can?

Planets do grow. When a meteorite or even a speck of dust hits a planet that mass is added to it. The reason our planets don't grow much is because the process happened along time ago and most heavy objects have already fallen into a steady orbit. Just as a human eventually gets done growing, so do planets.

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