Does The Ear Vac Work?

How many of you are going to ask for the Ear Wax Vac for Christmas?

Or any of the other equally ridiculous items they are advertising now? BQ: Have you ever gotten a gift of one of those gimmicky things they put out this time of year? And, did it work?

They act like using a q-tip is like sticking a knife in your ear.

BQ: I got the Soda Stream for my sister two years ago and it works great. The exaggerate how much the flavors compare to real soda, but it's still pretty good.

WHAT BRAND OF CENTRAL VAC and power head would you recommend?

We have had a electrolux central vac for 17 years and need to replace the powerhead and some attachments. After checking out a couple of places ... it appears to be a better deal to buy a whole new package then to just buy replacement attachments (even though our central vac unit is still fine. We have looked at a Beam and a Canavac but are anxious for some feedback from other central vac users. We love central vac as the power is so much superior to the uprights or canisters on the market as well as less noise and pollutants. So many choices --- each claiming to be the best.... what do I do?

I have a Nutone Central vac for 30 years. Troublefree. As strong today as when it was new.

I replaced the hose and tools about 10 years ago.

Does removing ear wax that is plugging the ear cure tinnitus?

I believe my husband has tinnitus because of his excessive ear wax. We can never keep his ears clean and he doesn't like doctors. He has had ringing in his ears for years. If I was to convince him to go to a doctor for a cleaning to unplug his ear will it cure his tinnitus. Also, using drops and water in his ear do not work.

Ear was produces pressure in the ear and can reduce hearing. So it's good to have it cleaned out. A physician's office can do it easily, quickly, and painlessly. Ear was, however, it doesn't cause tinnitus.

Would ear wax affect my hearing?

I keep digging at my ear wax in my right ear and pull out huge globs of ear wax and wonder if it can affect my hearing at all?

Ear wax lines the ear canal, protecting the skin from water and trapping bacteria and other debris, then expelling it. Ear wax is usually beneficial and should not be removed.

Also, some individuals seem to overproduce ear wax. However, If you have an ear wax blockage, you may have some hearing loss or it may result in ear infection. A doctor should be able to see an ear wax blockage using endoscope.

Make sure that you never use a cotton swab or sharp object to try to remove wax yourself. You may push the wax down further in the ear, creating or worsening an ear wax blockage, or you may accidentally puncture the ear drum.

Why can Ear Candles for your ears take a couple days to work?

I just bought a couple of Ear Candles and used both of them on my right ear because that's where most of my ear congestion is. I was wondering if anybody knew why they take can take a couple days to work?

Ear candles are a hoax and total scam. The reason they take a "couple of days" to work is because the condition would go away on its own in "a couple of days". The ear candles have done nothing, but the gullible still believe.

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