Does The Bible Say Anything About Dinosaurs?

How does the bible explain dinosaurs?

I'm not a religious person, but I wonder how does the bible explain dinosaurs? There was a lesson at a local church that advertised a subject similar to "The bible and dinosaurs", I didn't go obviously but would still be curious.

The Bible doesn't. The Bible is about mythology and religion.

Dinosaurs are about Science.

Which is why fundamental churches discount the existence of Dinosaurs.

where in the bible does it talk about dinosaurs and all the other ancient extinct animals?

dont give a verse that can have many meanings depending on your agenda. give a clear cut verse that talks about dinosaurs. somebody on youtube said that the bible does speak of dinosaurs so i want to know where.

Some have interpreted passages of Genesis to describe them: These people are known as idiots.

Are Dinosaurs in either the New or Old Testament?

Creationists have told me that humans and dinosaurs co-existed at the same time. I've not seen the evidence, but evidence can be interpreted differently by different people. From my understanding of these biblical texts, there is no mention of dinosaurs. If dinosaurs did coexist with humans since the creation, why have the been omitted from the scripture followed by creationists? What else has been omitted? What else has been included?

Carbon dating has shown that dinosaurs are much older than the accepted timeframe of the Biblical peoples. They were not mentioned in the Bible because they are not relevant to the Bible's agenda. Abraham is believed to have lived at 4000BC (with Adam and Eve living no more than 2000 yrs prior approximately because no one has any way of knowing for certain) and Jesus was born around 5AD, give or take. There are no dinosaur fossils that are that modern.

There is a ton of stuff that has been omitted from the Bible because, again, it doesn't fit with the Bible's purpose. At the same time, there are countless events and people contained in the Bible that scholars and archaeologists have now proven did not exist (or do what the Bible says they did in the timeframe given) or take place during the time that the Bible claims.

Most creationists I have talked to, including pastors, don't believe that dinosaurs ever existed despite fossils that have been found.

When did dinosours live in relevance to the Bible?

Im confused with the timeline. Adam an d Eve were the first humans, and humans did not live untill ages after dinosaurs were extinct. In the Bible it says that animals were created before Adam and Eve. But the Bible does not talk about dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. So when did 'cave men' come about? How did they come about to be?

The dinosaurs were around long before the Bibble. Loooooooooong before. Cave men were just looong before the Bibble.

Do Christians really think civilized humans lived alongside the dinosaurs?

I heard some joke about how "Palin believes humans lived alongside dinosaurs" and it got me thinking... Since they think the world is only 6,000 years old and humans have been on it the entire time, do they really think we lived with dinosaurs or do they deny their existence? And why doesn't the Bible say anything about dinosaurs? Obviously they would be a pretty big annoyance in people's lives, coming in and tromping all over towns and cities.

"I can See Dinosaurs from my House" - S. Palin

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