Does The Bible Describe What God Looks Like?

what are some good bible scripture to support where the bible came from?

I need some scripture references that support where the bible came from and its origin. and i need some to support how Man and God both wrote the bible, and How can an intelligent person beleive the bible, and if the bible is so old how can it still be accurate. i need some scripture to support all of these for a project i have to do. any scripture that is relevant helps thank you!!!

Well its human origins are just a little too involved for one essay, so you had better stick to its divine origin:

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (2 Tim 3.16)

God is eternal and unchanging, the Bible is about God, therefore the Bible is still relevant.

What did mary mother of jesus look like and please help me with my assignment?

I'm doing a religion assignment and the second section says, 'Select 2 images and identify which gospel perspective it reflects, giving reasons. Include a comparison of your 2 images with the likely description of the historical Mary'. I don't really understand what this question means could someone please help me by rewording it? Also does the bible actually describe what Mary looked like at any point? If so, where? And if the bible doesn't say what Mary looked like then what do you think the 'Likely description of the historical mary' is? Thank you.

Your assignment is to describe her character, not her looks.
She was young, a woman of virtue, (a virgin). She believed in God and accepted His will for her, even though she could be put to death for being pregnant outside marriage. She was prepared to give up her future husband for God's will. She refused to have an abortion. She showed great moral integrity and faith in God for such a young woman.
The Bible describes her as "Blessed among women."
She was an excellent mother for Jesus.

is Jesus new name of God?

since Jesus is God? is Jesus christ the new name of God? because he is true man and true God?

Jesus and God are not the same spiritually. How could Jesus be God if he sits on the right hand of God as the bible says. How could Jesus be God if God raised him from the dead as the bible says. How could he be God if as the bible tells us ,he (jesus) is our mediator between God and man.
Jesus is who he said he is...the SON of God.

Which Bible is the word of God and why does man edit it?

Apocrypha and Biblical Revisions. The Bible of 400 CE and the Bible today differ by dozens of chapters and thousands of parts. Which Bible is the word of God and why does man edit it? Cliff - interesting of you to say, since the only record we have of the Ten Commandment's is the Bible. The actual tablets God supposedly carved are nowhere to be seen.

none of them; imaginary beings can't write books

Can you prove to me without a doubt the whole entire Bible was inspired by god?

Without using any Bible verses. Using Bible verses is a cheap way because that doesn't prove bs.

well, the first verse of the bible "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". this is the definition of inspire: to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence. it does not mean written by God. when we say (orthodox christians) say that the bible is inspired by God, we mean that MEN wrote the bible to speak about God. that's it. we are not muslims, we do not believe that the bible was dictated by God. it was written by mere man. the only thing orthodox christians say is that the bible was influenced by the holy spirit. at bottom the bible was put together because of the revelation of Jesus Christ. the bible is not the word of God, Christ is the word of God; it even says that in the bible. as one orthodox bishop put it, archbishop Lazar at all saints monastery, "the bible is you". it is a mixture of human mistakes and of what man could be.

In orthodox christianity, the bible is not some sort of Constitution of our faith. that is to say, that the bible did not create the church, the church created the bible. literally, most of the bishops at the ecumenical councils were apart of the eastern church. as I said above the bible was put together because of the revelation of Jesus christ. It is Christ, who reveals the scriptures, not the other way around. the bible was written by mans inspiration of God. it was put together, becuase of Gods revealation.

here is a good video on how the orthodox view scripture:

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