Does The Bible Describe Angels?

Why do people like to imagine angels as being winged?

I know for a fact that angels in the Bible (like Gabriel) had no wings. No verse in the Bible describes angels as being winged, not even God Himself confirms that they have wings. Is it only through man's art that they became so? So where did the whole travesty begin? How did angels suddenly become winged?

NO! Because I have wings unlike YOU!!!

So therefore, hello!


Does the bible ever reference angels as we see them?

Just curious if the bible ever described what angels looked like in it?

In the Gospels, one is described looking like an ordinary person.

Are angels mentioned in the Bible always masculine?

God is referred to like "Father" - a male personality So, are angels too masculine? or is there any reference to a female angel in the Bible?

No never. God is MALE (Father). Jesus is MALE (Son) Holy Spirit is MALE (HE will lead you into all truth John 16:13).

Priests were MALE.

Jesus chose 12 MALE disciples. The Apostles were MALE.

The only angels mentioned in the Bible are MALE Gabriel and Michael (and Satan who was a fallen angel). They are all MALE

What evidence is there that angels exist?

I know that a lot of Christians and Muslims believe that angels are real. What evidence is there that they exist?

I'm an atheist, and I believe in angels. There are right angels, acute angels, obtuse angels, and straight angels. On a flat plane, the angels of a triangel add up to 180.

Where in the Bible does it describe the physical appearance of Angels?

Specifically, I want to read the part in the Bible where it describes the Angel's wings as they are most commonly depicted in Christian art. Thanks for answers and guidance...

2 Chronicles 3: 11-13 gives the large size of the wings of cherubim
2 Chronicles 5:7 & 8 speaks of where the Ark of the Covenant was put - underneath the wings of the cherubim in the holy place of the inner sanctuary of the temple

There are many references to cherubim wings in Ezekiel 1:6,8,9,11,23,24,25; 3:13; 10:5,8,12,16,19,21,22

Isaiah 6:2

And many more in 1 kings,6:27: 8:6,7 Exodus 37:9

Revelation speaks of wings but not angels - living creatures Revelation 4:8some of these living creatures had eyes at the front and back and several faces like a lion etc.

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