Does Qantas Fly Direct From Sydney To New York?

What is the most comfortable airline to fly coach US to Australia?

I will be flying coach to australia in December. I am looking for the most comfortable airline to fly. Any suggestions?


It's not what is most comfortable that is the question, but how much you are willing to spend on the comfortable coach seat. I agree that VAustralia would probably be the best, however, these are relatively cheap tickets and you must be aware that these tickets are filling up FAST. After some quick research, i found that all up it would be about $900 USD. The good thing about VAustralia is that they have connections all across the US, however that is not direct with all flights merging to LA, and then across to Sydney or Brisbane.

The main problem which you could encounter, is the destination as VAustralia is only currently flying direct from Sydney and Brisbane to LA, with connections offset by either Virgin America or Virgin Blue.

If you wish to fly from other cities, eg San Fransisco, New York(and LA) direct then give Qantas a try. If you wish to travel on the exclusive A380, then Qantas flies from LA to Sydney 3 times a week (Fri, Wed, Sun) or to Melbourne (Mon, Wed). The new plane would make all the difference, however i am almost positive that this flight comes with the extra cost $$.

Either or, VAustralia or Qantas are both excellent selections.
Tip #1 - don't fly United what ever you do!


Other than Qantas, what other budget airlines can I take to fly from Perth to Sydney & Queensland?

I've not decided where I will head for after touring Perth so maybe you can give me some suggestions. However, I'm not familiar with the types of budget airlines which provide domestic routes in Australia other than Qantas. Can you tell me which other airlines operate from Perth airport to (1) Sydney, (2) Melbourne and (3) Brisbane and (4) Queensland? Thanks.

Qantas is not a budget airline but quite often have sales. Keep an eye open for them.

I would recommend against Jetstar, their flights get delayed and cancelled and are quite unreliable. They also fly into different airports then other airlines, further from the cities.

To Sydney - Try Virgin Blue or Qantas. Tiger do not fly to Sydney.

Melbourne - Virgin Blue or Tiger, but check that Tiger flys to Tullamarine. You DO NOT want to go to Avalon.

Brisbane is in Queensland. You have Brisbane airport and another south of the Gold Coast in Coolongatta. Virgin Blue only fly to Brisbane which isn't too much of a problem, not if you wish to see both cities anyway, from Brisbane you can also travel north towards Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. I'm not sure if Tiger fly to QLD. Qantas fly to both airports.

Qantas sale... whens the next one?

Qantas had a really good sale on in June and i'm wondering when the next one might be.. if anyone knows? Hoping to fly from the Uk to Sydney in January with them. Will only fly qantas (like rain man..)

Cannot for the life of me think why you would even consider flying with such a poor airline but anyway; Don't know when Qantas will have a sale but, and this is good advice, British Airways currently have a sale which ends on 30th September and they code share with Qantas and their booking service will allow you to pick Qantas flights rather than BA and strangely they Always seem to be quite a bit cheaper than Qantas when comparing prices on the two sites for the same flight! Even better advice, try Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines both good airlines or my favourite Emirates as they fly via Dubai from 8 or 10 regional airports in the UK and you can avoid Heathrow and Gatwick

What is the cheapest way to travel from Sydney, Australia to New York, USA?

I want to get my friend from Australia to the United States, but I need to find a cheap way to do it.

OMG,here you go, the more direct route would be with Qantas Airways, they fly to New York Via LA. I think United has the same routing. I notice the last time I checked with Expedia, the fares were around $1425.00 round trip. I can either go to Lax or New York and connect to Montreal, so I know the flight your looking for.

So has the Qantas A380 service started between SFO and SYD? but when I check on the Qantas website it says nothing about A380 service having begun between SFO and SYD.

Qantas doesn't have regularly scheduled A380 flights direct to SFO, you'll have to connect through LAX to fly an A380. I think the information on the website you posted was for a promotion. They do fly the A380 on flight # QF11 from Sydney to LAX and flight #QF93 from Melbourne to LAX but not everyday of the week on the A380 as sometimes the plane is in LA or enroute back to Australia. Check different days of the week for flights that offer A380 service.

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