Does Pearle Vision Accept Medicaid?

Why don't any eye doctor offices take Insurance?!!?

Im trying to find an eye doctor that will take insurance and get an appointment! So far the ones I have called either didn't take ANY insurance OR didn't take MY insurance! (Medicaid- American Group) I am 15 and have been having trouble with my eyesight! I have a pair of reading glasses but they are two years old and I need to get my eyes checked anyways! WHY IS IT HARD TO FIND AN EYE DOCTOR TO ACCEPT INSURANCE! :( Do you know of any eye doctors that DO take medicaid in the HOUSTON TX area! So far I have called "Gulf Gate Vision, Pearle Vision, AND EyeMasters, NONE accept medicaid :( HELP PLEASE! That's what I am doing, lol. I am looking online and they say they take insurance BUT when we call they don't take ours! :/

Most eye doctors take SOME kinds of insurance - but very, very few take Medicaid - because Medicaid doesn't pay them enough to cover the cost of services rendered.

See, with Medicaid, they'll get maybe $10 for the exam, and $30 for the glasses - and if the glasses actually cost them $100 to make and give you you, they LOSE $50, for every single medicaid patient they take.

In Houston, they will take REAL vision insurance. But Medicaid isn't REAL vision insurance. You're going to have to go to the yellow pages, and just start going down the list. You'll probably be making 200 calls - not four - before you find someone who will take you. Don't plan on being excited about the frame choice, either - it's VERY limited.

Oh, and you'll have better luck, with the small shops, than the national chains.

**After the exam, once you get your prescription, you can get single vision lenses plus frames online, for under $15 a pair, including shipping. I've used Zenni Optical, and am VERY happy with the results.**

ohio medicaid?

is ohio medassist the same as medicaid? if medassist approves your application for financial aid, does it mean that you have medicaid?

If you already have medassist, you are not getting the full benfits of medicaid. No, not the same thing. Medicaid is a card you carry with you at all times. All doctor visits and medications are free. Hospital care is free. Vision and dental are also free. Most doctors are required by the state of Ohio to accept medicaid cards. Medicaid pays for everything and for everybody that is on the card.

Can medicare providers legally refuse some medicare patients and accept others?

Can a doctor who is enrolled as a Medicare provider refuse to see patients who have dual eligibility, that is, who have Medicare as well as Medicaid? If not, who can I complain to? I live in Louisiana, where Bobby Jindal is trying to destroy Medicaid. The Medicaid program I am talking about is confusingly named Louisiana Medicare Savings Program. It pays the co-pay, deductible, and premium for Medicare Part B and is administered by the same Louisiana agency that administers food stamps and welfare, and other Medicaid programs for children, etc. I have to produce both a Medicare card and a Medicaid card to get an appointment. I have been turned down by 2 doctors.

Yes, Medicare providers can refuse to accept any Medicare patient.

Also, for doctors to accept payment from Medicaid they have to be contracted with Medicaid just like they have to be contracted with Medicare before they can accept Medicare payments.

The reason they don't accept Medicaid is financial. Medicare allows about 60 cents on the dollar, whereas welfare in nearly every state pays about 35 cents on the dollar. It has more to do with the economy across the nation than it does in any particular individual state.

Depending on where you live in LA there may be a Dual Eligible Medicare Advantage Plan available to you. These plans will have a network of doctors. Although the doctor could still turn you down it won't be because you have Medicaid.

How do I get Louisiana Medicaid to pay for surgery outside of the state?

There isn't any bariatric surgeons in Louisiana that will accept Medicaid. There is a doctor in Dallas, Texas that accepts Medicaid, but how do I go about getting my LA Medicaid to pay for it? It will be Lap-Band surgery. Thanks

They wont. You live in Louisiana and are in their Medicaid program. It does not cover out of state procedures. All you had to do was ask your social worker. You have to move to Dallas and apply for Medicaid there, or transfer your Medicaid file. Did you find out that the surgery is covered in Texas under Medicaid? Even though the Dallas doctor accepts Medicaid, he means Medicaid in his state. It is not the same in every state.

How does medicaid with children work?

My boyfriends ex-wife tells me the kids must go to this certain appointment for their shots during our visitation. She says that if they dont go to their primary doctor they will lose their medicaid. This is the only appointment she can get before they start school. I figured they could take them anywhere they accept medicaid. We are suppposed to me going on a trip that day. Will medicaid really be stopped if they don't go to their primary doctor for shots?

Medicaid is for people that are disabled, including children, or that come from low income families. I get Medicaid because I am physically disabled. Medicaid will not be canceled if they don't get the shots that day. I have not gone to my primary doctor in a year and a half and I still have my Medicaid. The only way that it will be canceled is if you miss the deadline to renew it. The medicaid office will send you a letter when it is time to renew it and if you want your child to receive medicaid, you must send in the papers. But the answer is no, it will not be canceled if you miss the appointment to get the shots. As far as going anywhere that accepts medicaid, this is a bit challenging because many places don't want to accept medicaid because the doctors don't get paid right when the person sees them. Medicaid has to approve the treatment which can take weeks and the doctors are out of money during that time, its like they worked for free.

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