Does New York Penn Station Have Lockers?

any storage lockers around nyc for luggage as of 2012?

i know there are no lockers at penn station and i don't want to check in my luggage when i will only have a carryon. tried looking online at some places, but they have closed down. anyone know any up to date areas in nyc for storage lockers?

My friend, I don't know where you get the idea about this city having public lookers, but unfortunately, you will have to lug you carry-on suitcase everywhere you're going, because there are not public lockers anywhere in New York City.

Good luck

Question about Greyhound New York City Stations?

There is one station called"New York, NY", the other station called "New York Penn Station, NY", the cost of going to Washington DC is quite different, why? Both stations are in Manhattan, the price is huge different, one is $15, the other is more than $30. Why?????

New York, NY is the Port Authority Bus Station, the other is a drop by the side of the road outside of Penn Station. Why the difference, I don't know.

Penn Station luggage storage with Amtrak ticket?

If you have a amtrak ticket, can you keep your luggage at Penn Station New York few days before your actual date of departure. For example, if your train is going to be 20th of month, can you keep your luggage there on 17th, 18th or 19th

nope many places took out storage lockers years ago because of 9/11
and you have to be with your luggage at all times otherwise it maybe destroyed

Where can I store my luggage for a day in New York City?

I have a 13 hour wait between landing at the airport and boarding on my cruise ship. You cannot leave your luggage at the airport and the cruise ship company will not sotre luggae in advance of boarding. I wanted to spend some time sight seeing around town but do not want to hall my luggage around. Any options for storage in town? I am willing to pay if it is a reasonable charge. Can't use a locker. After 9/11 New York and most other big cities removed lockers so that they couldn't be used for terrorist purposes. When was the last time you saw a locker in a mall or anywhere else.

Who says there are no more lockers around? (near Penn Station)

How far is it from the Newark airport to Times Square?

I want to visit NYC for a weekend and stay at a Times Square hotel. Flying into Newark is cheaper but I don't want to if it's really far away via cab.

My friend, Newark Airport is located 17 miles (27 km) southwest of Times Square. NJ Transit is the best and cheapest way to go.

Step 1: take the Airtrain from the terminal to the Newark-Liberty International Airport train station.

Step 2: at the Newark-Liberty International Airport train station, purchase a one way NJ Transit ticket from EWR to Penn Station New York and take any New York City-bound (eastbound) train to Penn Station New York. A one way ticket on NJ Transit from EWR to Newark Penn Station will cost you $15.

Step 3: once at Penn Station, transfer to the New York City Subway. Take the uptown (northbound) #1, 2 or 3 train (Red Line on the subway map) from Penn Station to Times Square. The fare is $2 one way.

I hope this information is very helpful. If you have any questions or need travel directions while in town, just drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I'll be glad to help.

Good luck and happy travels
Native New Yorker

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