Does Minecraft Use A Lot Of Bandwidth?

Does Minecraft Beta use a lot of bandwidth?

I don't mean SMP or PvP but just regular Minecraft. I am hoping to buy minecraft soon and i want know if it uses a lot of bandwidth first. I highly doubt that I will be playing online, but when it generates a world is it doing it off the webs or off your computer?

As in, if it generates a world while you're not playing online? It's not doing it off of the internet, it's doing it 'off of your computer'.

So, if you're playing minecraft offline, after the original download it takes up no bandwidth at all.

How much internet usage does minecraft use?

I have 120g a month and i've been playing online for about 2-3 hours a day on weekdays mostly, with in half the month "i got a msg saying we used up 75% of our internet. so i would like to know how many mb or gb it uses per hour

games barly use any bandwidth i play WoW alot and it uses so little about 20mb an hour, i assume minecraft isnt much different maybe even using less. or it depends on the servers your joining other than that just free roaming/building/gathering barley takes any bandwidth. also i doubt loading a minecraft map is more than 50 mb max either

How to I make my website into a Minecraft Server?

I want one of my subdomains to become a minecraft server. How would I do this? Thanks! Im using Bukkit, by the way.

Check this instructional. You would need a lot of bandwidth, unless you are playing on a LAN.

How much would it cost to host a minecraft server?

I'm hosting a minecraft server on my Mac desktop. Out of a 24 hour day, it is on for about 16-24 hours. How much will this cost? I know the software is free, but what about the internet and bandwidth usage?

I spend about 10 bucks a month (Not including the 1000 USD for server hardware) on just bandwith; its a residential connection however so its monthly instead of by bandwidth. to make it easier for players to connect i use a free service from no-ip that redirects anyone who uses "" directly to my ip. the only drawback is that you are forced to use the default port number.

whats a bandwidth?

I always hear bandwidths are site owners are asking visitors to whats a bandwidth anyway?

Bandwidth is the term used to designate the amount and speed of data that you can download from, or upload to a server. The more bandwidth you are able to buy, the more data you can send and receive (and usually at faster speeds) via the internet.

Bandwidth is oftentimes used to relate only to speed, as well.. for example, if you have DSL then you have more bandwidth than someone using dialup. If you have a cable modem, you have more bandwidth than someone using DSL.

I hope this information is helpful.

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