Does Minecraft Timber Mod Work Multiplayer?

Minecraft mods in multiplayer.?

Ihave a bukkit server for Minecraft. I have added some plugins for it but I was watching a video and a guy (Luclin) said he had too many items on even though he was playing with chimneyswift. How do I get to many items but more importantly things like mo creatures and timber mod.

not sure about timber mod as I have never heard of it, but I have played minecraft SMP with Mo'creatures, all you have to do is look up a plugin called itemcraft and it has step by step instructions on how to set it up. the only drawback is with multiplayer mods, each person playing must also have a modded client, or they will get a black screen on logging into your server.

Does the Mod "Timber!" in Minecraft work for Multiplayer?

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You can get the same effect as the Timber mod through a plugin called Lumberjack. Just put it within your "plugins" folder in your server folder.


Can you put mods onto a multiplayer minecraft server?

me and my friend both use hamachi to play minecraft online. we have tried via port forwarding but its doesnt work for us and the only thing that does is hamachi. so we were wondering if/how you can put mods onto multiplayer. for example that airplane mod and toomany items mode. cheers.

I have the airplane mod for you!! So please choose best answer :). This is the airplane mod v14 which supports beta 1.6.6. You can download the planes mod and vehicles mod from this video. You can download the multiplayer version for your server but for anyone to use it they must have the single player mod also. This is the video that shows you how to do it. It is really really easy. All you have to do it copy and paste the .minecraft file into your current one. The links for the download are in the description as the video says. Good Luck!

My minecraft multiplayer isnt working?

i used to go on servers all the time but now it just cant connect to any servers at all it just says cant reach server but it all worked when you connect for the first time but when you disconnect i can never get back on. can anyone tell me how to fix this if it makes a differnce i have smart moving mod too many items mod and the timber mod also if you can try to connect to these servers and tell me if you can get on thanks i have a offical version of minecraft

Are you on a craced version of minecraft cause if you are u may need to set username but if not then make sure ur whitelisted or the server.isnt ful

If you add a mod to Minecraft, will the mod apply to any multiplayer servers also?

When you mod the jar file, will this modify only single player games, or will it mod any multiplayer servers you are also on. If not, how would you mod a server you are hosting? Alright thanks, I am planning to do the train mod.

It would go on servers if its a SMP mod. To mod the server, put the .class files in minecraft_server.jar in your server folder.

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