Does Minecraft Lite Save?

How do you save your buildings in minecraft lite on your i-pod touch.?

I built a 30 story skyscraper with a sky-deck on mine craft and then lost it all because it couldn't save. I was really sad and I don't want it to happen again. Please answer. Thanks

in minecraft lite it is not possible to save unfortunately the only way to save is if you pay and buy the full version.

How do i save my minecraft world?

I have it for the new ipod with the camera. Its not that world explorer, its called minecraft lite. I built a really cool map and i lost it because I dont know how or even if i can save it. Please help!

The Pocket Edition Lite version allows you to enjoy building minecraft worlds on iPhone and iPad. But it has many limitations. You can’t save your progress in the game and can't copy minecraft worlds to your phone.Only 18 of the 36 different blocks are available and lacks the survival mode. If you want to enjoy the whole fun of it, get the full version on PC/Mac.Check its information here!

if i back up my ipod, will it save my minecraft worlds too?

i have minecraft pe FULL VERSION NOT LITE please i already know that lite version doesnt let you save

No, backing-up your iOS Device will not backup your Minecraft PE worlds, backing-up your iDevice will back-up firmware, photos videos and default Apple apps. You can backup Minecraft PE worlds by syncing your iPod to iTunes, backup the device then Transfer Purchases, this will transfer all applications and its data in it. You also can backup Minecraft PE by using iExplorer and go to application> Minecraft PE and find documents and copy the world and paste them wherever you want to place it.

Can you save your progress on the full version minecraft for the iPhone?

I got the lite and then relized that I couldn't save. I just want to know if it will be worth buying it. (and I don't have a computer [but i do want one] for the pc version).

The full version lets you save. Pocket Edition is right now basically Minecraft Classic with fewer blocks, but a survival update is planned and being worked on.

Cant save while playing Minecraft?

I'm playing classic minecraft in the browser and when i try to save, it won't let me. I have bought the game and tried in different browsers, but still no luck. Anyone help? Thanks.

Okay! If you play Minecraft from starting up at the Minecraft Launcher, then you should be able to save but if you play Minecraft from the internet, then I'm pretty sure you can't save unless you sign in.
I think, I understand your problem but if I didn't I'm sorry, I play Minecraft but in singleplayer and with updates and everything.

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