Does Minecraft Forge Work With Optifine?

How to get Optifine for Minecrgt 1.7.2 (most recent version)?

I'm not really good with this stuff, so can someone link me to a site to get the latest Optifine mod for Minecraft? I heard you need Minecraft Forge, but I'm not sure. Can someone walk me through on how to get Optifine and Forge?

You don't need forge for Optifine.
Optifine isnt updated to 1.7.2 (It's 90% done) but you can get a "Preveiw of it" which may have some bugs and a couple less features, its at the top of the page.


Which is better, Minecraft Forge(Universal) or McPatcher? Are they compatible with Optifine?

Is Minecraft Forge(Universal) better than McPatcher? I don't plan on using the better grass, glass or whatever else comes with the two, I just need to know the difference and which is better. Then if the better one is compatible with Optifine

McPatcher is used for putting mods into the minecraft.jar without a hassle and it is also used for patching vanilla texturepacks. minecraft forge is used for making mods compatible with each other and most mods require it. minecraft forge and McPatcher both work with optifine but they require a specific version for each of the minecraft forge versions.

step by step instructions for installing minecraft mod? 1.7.2?

I want to install water shader mod for minecraft 1.7.2 How?, can I use mcpatcher (which now has mod support), or do I need optifine or forge?, also, how do I install optifine and/or forge? 1o points. (also, could you provide links for LATEST download locations?)

I'm not quite sure how you got mods for 1.7.2 in the first place. The Coder's Pack hasn't been released as of the time of this answer:

If you have found a mod for 1.7.2, you should be able to install it with McPatcher. Both Forge and Optifine have not yet been released as they rely on MCP to work.

How do you have minecraft forge and MCpatcher work at the same time?

I need forge for some mods but MCpatcher for hd texture pack. when I patch the .minecraft folder before putting in the mods, the mods dont work. when I put in the mods before patching, the texture pack doesnt come out right. how do i make them compatible?

Use optifine mod instead of mcpatcher Optifine lets you use he textures.

Will Minecraft Optifine Mod update to Minecraft 1.6.1?

Hello, I am getting a Optifine Cape and i want to know if Optifine is updating to Minecraft Version 1.6.1. If you know the answer feel free to leave it. I don't want to waste my money on a cape that i don't even get. So please help and thanks for your help!

Of course optifine is updating it's an essential minecraft mod that just about everyone uses and by the way you can jsut get the cape from some a minecraft cape gallery but it's nice to support the optifine modders.

Track the progress of the optifine update:

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