Does Medicaid Use Gross Or Net Income?

Texas Medicaid or CHIP for pregnant women- do they use your Gross Income or Net?

I qualify using net, but not gross. when i look at the income chart, it doesnt specify. does anyone know? Thanks

They use gross.

Does medicaid go by gross or net income when determaining eligibility?

How much can a family of three make (gross or net) and still qualify in Indiana? BTW the household consists of myself, my one month old, and the father of my child (unmarried).

Gross pay, I'm sure. I don't know the eligibility though.

When looking at medicaid qualifications, is your net or gross income used?

Gross income.

when applying for medicaid do they go by gross or net income?

when applying for medicaid do they go by gross or net income?

Your Gross Income.

How does Medicaid income eligibility work when your pay goes up and down?

I have a job where I am an employee but I get paid by production (medical transcription). Sometimes my monthly gross pay is 1400 a months and sometimes it's 2200 a month. I am pregnant and want to apply for Medicaid but how does if work if one month I qualify for Medicaid and the next month I make too much? Does this mean some months I would have it and others I wouldn't? Do you have to prove your income every month?

Medicaid is given by your income, the lower it is the better.You may have to take a paycut until after the baby is born because if you turn in statements saying you make all most 3000 by yourself they make refuse you anywho google the medicaid requirement per your state and see what the income cap is.

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