Does Medicaid Share Of Cost Cover Dental In Florida?

My Florida Medicaid dental program is only going to cover 52.5% of my bill is that good.?

I thought medicaid paid for most of everything until i went to the dentist and they told me i would have to pay for some of the work myself. I went in for the first exam and i had to pay for the panoramic (the picture that goes around your whole face.) and when i looked on my dental programs web page said that they cover it. What should i do? and Is this correct or not?

Medicaid covers 100% if you have no share of cost which apparently you do. Every month that you want any medical services you have to pay your share of cost. Medicaid IS covering it but not 100%.

Does Medicaid allow you to get an additional dental insurance?

Hello, I have Medicaid given to me here in the state of New Jersey. It covers me fully BUT like majority of dental insurances, there's does not cover dental implants AT ALL and I'm in need of dental implants. My question is, if I were to get a dental insurance seperately, will Medicaid drop me or will the dental portion of the plan become my secondary? I honestly just want a second back up dental insurance temporarily to take care of my missing teeth.

There is no dental insurance that will cover very much of a dental implant.
For example: the BEST dental insurance will make you wait 6 months before you have coverage for something like this and then cover 50% of the cost up to $3000.
-- obviously, "the best" comes with the best price tag.

Your best option is to see if there is a dental school in your area.
It will be about 50% off the regular cost

I need to find a dentist in or around deltona/orlando fl who takes medicaid share of cost?

I am furious I just found out that some dentists actually Take share of cost. I need to locate one in or around orlando fl. I hope one can be found and i have suffered through toothaches and could have had this fixed all this time! can anyone help me find a dentist/oral surgeon that takes medicare share of cost so i can end this nightmare once and for all?

If you have Share of Cost Medicaid that is what you must spend before Medicaid covers the rest. I dont know about Florida but most states dont cover dental for adults. Your share of cost will be applied at the time of service with any dentist who takes Medicaid.

How much would a dental implant cost under medicaid?

is there a lower fee, I am on low income. I live in florida

Medicaid does not cover dental implants. Really the only thing that medicaid does cover are extractions. Dental Implants are expensive even if you have regular insurance. They usually cost about $2000-$3000 because you have to pay for the actual implant proceedure plus you have to pay to get the crown over the implant.

does florida Medicaid cover dental braces or invisaline teen?

I am 13 and have florida medicade with united health care will it cover my dental braces?

I don't think any state's Medicaid covers braces. Sorry.

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