Does Medicaid In Nc Cover Braces?

I'm 26, can i get braces with NC medicaid?

I need braces but I was wondering if I am eligible for orthodontic services with NC medicaid. I got approved this month but i want to know if dental is even covered. thanks in advance.

Medicaid doesn't cover cosmetic stuff like braces.

Does straight medicaid cover braces for kids?

I am trying to find out if medicaid pays for braces for kids who have medicaid

Hello, Braces are considered a cosmetic procedure unless your Dr. can submit proof that they are needed to prevent a serious health issue. Medicare &Medicade do not cover cosmetic procedures.
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Medicaid And Braces, Please Help?

I'm on Medicaid and have had my braces for almost two years, I'm getting them off in 8 months, But I'm about to turn 18 in 6 months and down here in NC when you turn 18 you come off of medicaid so I was wondering since I have braces and medicaid is covering them when I turn 18 will I have to pay for them or has medicaid already covered my braces by paying in full? If you seriously know anything about please answer if not please don't I need serious answers

People are over 18 are covered by Medicaid. I can't believe there is no one over the age of 18 in NC on Medicaid. But regarding the question: if they have paid in full you should not have any further charges for the braces. If additional / new work is needed you would be responsible .
Re NC...if someone still needs the healthcare they must have you reapply as an adult .
Good luck with the braces

I want to get Jaw corrective surgery?

Will Medicaid cover it? I am only 15 and I have a "weak" jaw (and chin) and it is unproportional to my face. I used to have a good jaw when I was little ( I saw pictures of myself). I currently have braces so I think that is affecting my jaw a little. I also saw before/after jaw corrective surgery and the person looked so much better. So will Medicaid cover it? Do I get this type of surgery before or after the braces treatment. Also, Medicaid is covering my braces expenses as well ( I go to Montifiore Orthodontics in New York). Thanks in advance!

Call Medicaid and ask them.

Can medicaid cover the cost of your braces?

Can medicaid cover all the cost for braces? and bottom teeth? Plz help and answer!

In my research on Medicaid, it does not appear that they cover the cost of braces. You have at least 2 options for getting braces. #1. Talk to your orthodontist, explain your situation and see if they will work with you on the cost of your braces and setting up a payment plan. #2. You could look into a discount dental plan to help discount the cost of your braces. A discount plan often has cheaper monthly premiums than dental insurance premiums. You would need to compare the cost of monthly premiums over the time you have braces with the savings you would receive. I have located a website that you can compare discount dental plans, as I only have personal experience with Ameriplan. I will list both sites below as sources.

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