Does Medicaid Have To Be Repaid?

what kind of birth control does medicaid cover?

help needed i would like to get an iud but i have medicaid, please tell me some options that i have with medicaid!

Mine only covers a few brands of pills and that's it. It doesn't cover the patch, the ring or any "trendy" (that is what medicaid referred to them as) medications. You best bet is to call the number on the back of your card and ask. Medicaid has several different plans so it depends which one you are on.

How do I get Louisiana Medicaid to pay for surgery outside of the state?

There isn't any bariatric surgeons in Louisiana that will accept Medicaid. There is a doctor in Dallas, Texas that accepts Medicaid, but how do I go about getting my LA Medicaid to pay for it? It will be Lap-Band surgery. Thanks

They wont. You live in Louisiana and are in their Medicaid program. It does not cover out of state procedures. All you had to do was ask your social worker. You have to move to Dallas and apply for Medicaid there, or transfer your Medicaid file. Did you find out that the surgery is covered in Texas under Medicaid? Even though the Dallas doctor accepts Medicaid, he means Medicaid in his state. It is not the same in every state.

ohio medicaid?

is ohio medassist the same as medicaid? if medassist approves your application for financial aid, does it mean that you have medicaid?

If you already have medassist, you are not getting the full benfits of medicaid. No, not the same thing. Medicaid is a card you carry with you at all times. All doctor visits and medications are free. Hospital care is free. Vision and dental are also free. Most doctors are required by the state of Ohio to accept medicaid cards. Medicaid pays for everything and for everybody that is on the card.

Does Medicaid provide any type of dental coverage?

I am a student and have a family. My daughter is under Medicaid and I am wondering if there is any basic dental coverage typically for children with Medicaid and I am also wondering for myself. Is there any adult Medicaid that covers dental care or any govt. programs that do offer dental care? Thank you for your help.

Medicaid coverage is handled differently from state to state. The best thing to do is to contact your Local medicaid office to find out what is covered. When My children where on medicaid they had 100% dental coverage on all things and it was very easy to find a dentist that would take medicaid. However generally only Pregnant and Disabled adults get dental coverage from medicaid. And finding a dentist that would take medicaid what so hard ( for adults).

Why does everyone think medicaid pays their copays?

Doctors are then not paid but told by the state medicaid office to wrte them off! They then have the extra work of billing medicaid which costs them staff time. You are then not as well insured in the eyes of a doctor's office as a 100% medicaid patient!

Why would anyone care if medicaid doesn't pay? As long as it is not coming out of their pocket, a lot of people are fine with not paying.

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