Does Medicaid Drug Test Newborns?

is meconium drug testing mandatory and can they do it without mothers consent?

I live in Massachusetts. I would like to know if doctors need mothers permission after delivery of the baby to test the baby's meconium for illicit drug use? If drugs were detected in the meconium can they tell exactly what was used and for how long? Any info that anyone has regarding meconium could someone please answer me. thank you.

In most hospitals, they don't test unless the mother or baby appear to be affected by drugs. In areas of high drug use, if you are on Medicaid, they almost automatically test for drugs. However, a simple note on your forms makes all the difference.

"I do not authorize and will not pay for any tests that I have not personally approved. This includes any tests for newborn."

This statement won't help you if you are on Medicaid because in most cases, to get medicaid, you signed a form that included something about agreeing to drug testing.

rhode island testing newborns for marijuana use?

I'm doing a paper for school on drug use I though it would be good to throw in information on my own state and what they do, if anything about it.. But I cannot seem to find any information on this topic on whether they test newborns for marijuana, and if so how they do it, and of course what happens to the mother and baby ect. anyone have any advice for me?

Well I live in Texas, but the laws here (as I know them) are-

If you are on Medicaid, the baby is automatically drug-tested at birth.

If you did not receive prenatal care during pregnancy, the baby is tested.

If you did not get prenatal care in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is tested.

I only found this out when I had my second daughter, I didn't get prenatal care until I was a little further along because I have had several miscarriages and didn't want to get my hopes up in case I had another one. I was four months pregnant when I started seeing a doctor, and then after I delivered the told the baby would be tested because of those laws. (which was fine by me, I'm clean)

Do Florida hospitals automatically drug test the mother or baby?

I have a friend who's getting ready to deliver in South FL and has been smoking pot for morning sickness. She's worried that the hospital will automatically test her and the baby. Does anybody know if drug testing newborns is routine or done under suspicion of use?

they don't drug test anywhere automatically. and to be honest, people in other cultures use marijuana for medicinal purposes during pregnancy all the time.

Do they drug test a newborn if the mom has private insurance?

Please read the entire post before replying. I have heard many conflicting stories. Some people say that they automatically drug test newborns if the mother is on medicaid. Some people say they only drug test if the newborn shows signs of withdrawl OR is a low birth weight. I've even heard people say they drug test if the mother has a tattoo. The reason I am wondering is because I didn't quit smoking marijuana until my second trimester, and I've heard the test they do on newborns goes 5 months back. So even though I haven't smoked in months, if they tested my baby, she would probably test positive. I am not on medicaid, now have I done any other substances during my pregnancy. The Dr says my baby is developing perfectly and that I should expect no problems with her and the delivery. I am just wondering what the liklehood is that my baby will be drug tested when she is born. I have private insurance, does that factor into the hospitals decision? Please save the 'your a horrible mother' remarks. I've done my research and made my decisions and I quit smoking cigs and drinking as soon as I found out, the pot helped my morning sickness and as soon as that phase passed, I stopped. I am looking for answers from mothers, doctors, and people who KNOW the answer, not spectulation. I have enough people giving me conflicting info, Id like a solid answer. I appreciate any -helpful- comments

It does depend on your state, some just test automatically....all the more reason for home birth!!! Midwives would never ever do that.

Anyway - you should be able to search your own state and find out. You may find help through NORML too

If you quit smoking in the 2nd trimester that gives you 3 mo you should be fine. It only takes 30 days for your system to be clear, that would give you 90.

You do also have the opportunity to decide what other shots, procedures etc are done to your baby after birth. I'd recommend none - you can get everything done through your pediatrician later and avoid interrupting that very important time after birth when babe should be with mother cuddling, bonding and nursing.

You can also require that your baby, unless there are complications, be kept right with you at all times.

This would minimize their ability to do things like drug testing your baby without your written consent (be mindful too they slip stuff into that paperwork and often have you sign it when you're in labor).

You're still not too early to switch to midwifery care though. They're much more affordable than OB GYNs, are much more supportive, their model of care is much better for healthy moms and babies, and they would never drug test!

Best of luck and congrats : )

Does anyone know if Arizona has a law re: drug testing ALL newborns or amniotic fluid at birth?

I am a really concerned Granny who's daughter is/has been using marijuana on a fairly regular basis. I have heard from two different sources now, that all newborns in AZ are drug tested for illegal drugs. I am not sure if this is really a law, or just two instances of newborns, or fluid being tested, and found positive. I have been told that the test on the fluid goes back at least 5 months. Can anyone help????

I dont know about Arizona, but my brother's girlfriend gave birth in California and right before delivery she was tested, since she tested positive for cocaine, they tested the baby. She tested positive as well. Social services were called the my neice was released from the hospital to custody of my parents.

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