Does Medicaid Cover Contacts?

What Eye Doctors Does Medicaid cover in Vancouver Wa?

Hi! Does anyone know if Medicaid covers contacts for the eyes? And if it does, anyone know what eye doctors you can go to in Vancouver Washington?? HELP?! Thank you!!

Medicaid does not cover contact lenses. . . .it only covers glasses. . . Medicaid considers contacts as cosmetics. You can check your phone book and call around to see who takes medicaid for a standard exam.

Does Medicaid cover colored contact lenses in Michigan?

I really don't like wearing glasses. But my sight is really bad. I mean like so bad, that without my glasses, I can't see anything clearly unless it's like eleven inches away from my face. So I asked my mom if I could get contacts, she said I could if my medicaid covered it. And my eyes are brown, but my friends say I'd look better with green eyes. So does medicaid cover colored contacts? Or non-colored contacts?

Why would my tax dollars pay for your lenses for cosmetic reasons? Are you nuts? They will probably cover regular old contact lenses.

Tell your mom to stop milking the government.

Does the Medicaid insurance in New Jersey cover contact lenses for glasses?

Okay, so I'm planning on getting contacts for my glasses soon, but my father and me made a deal that I will only be allowed to get them if our insurance covers it. I live in Jersey City, and I want to know if my insurance covers it, because I'm so sick of glasses. And by the way, I'm not looking for color contacts, I'm looking for clear contacts for glasses. Please help! Thanks a bunch!

Medicaid doesn't cover contacts.

Does Medicaid pay for contacts or contact fittings in the state of SD?

I was wondering if Medicaid pays for Contact fittings and if it does not, how much would it cost me to get contacts fitted into my eyes? What is contact fitting? Can Medicaid pay for contacts? When paying for contacts if i have to, how much do they normally cost, just for regular ones? How much are the ones on T.V. where you can leave them in your eyes for up to 30 days and nights? Are those covered by Medicaid? Being in the Military , can they pay or me to get contacts or even eye appointments?

Medicaid pays for eyeglasses every two years, no contacts

will medicaid cover colored contacts that doesnt have a prescription ?

will medicaid cover colored contacts that doesnt have a prescription ?? what if it was with a prescription ????? because i need to get my eyes checked i might have vision problems

No, it will not even cover contacts.

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