Does Medicaid Check Your Bank Account?

How can i cash a cashiers check without a bank account?

I have a cashiers check for over 5k written to me from bank of America. I don't have a bank account at BOA or at any other bank. Can i cash the check that big without having a account? I am 17 yrs old.

The easiest way to get it cashed is to go to a Bank of America office carrying solid identification with you, such as a driver's license. It would also be helpful for a parent to be with you.

Bank of America, being the bank that issued the check, is obligated to cash it for you, provided they are confident that you are the person who is named on the check.

By the way, at age 17 you should really have a bank account somewhere. While you're at the bank why not open a small savings account for yourself with some of the $5,000? It will be helpful to you in the future when you run into similar situations.

Does Medicaid or govt. take your assets if you go into a nursing home?

If a person goes on Medicaid to pay for the nursing home do they take your bank accounts? Your home? Your cars?

You cannot have more than $2K in assets to get Medicaid in the first place. You have to be almost indigent. Some nursing homes become the payee for Medicaid and the Social Security check goes directly to the nursing home. Others do not do that, and the responsible person pays directly to the nursing home. When they take the entire SS check, they usually establish an account for the person and leave $30 or so in it for monthly expenses for the person. You would qualify for Medicaid even if you own a home and a car because those are not counted.

Can i cash my check at another bank?

okay i have a bank account at a bank caled central pacific bank and the check if from their also but i was wonering if i can cash the check at a bank closer to me called Fist Hawaiian Bank i don't have a account their though. is this possible or will they not take my check?

you can, but expect a fee with it!

good luck

If my father deposits money into my bank account and I withdraw it for him, do I have to claim it?

If my father receives, say, $10,000, can he deposit the check into my bank account since he doesn't have one? If so, can I withdraw the money and give it to him? Will I have to pay taxes on it (because it was in my account)? What if I have Medicaid, will I have to report it even though I am giving it back to him? Is this legal? I can certainly see how this would be deemed suspicious. However, the reason I am asking is because he is going through a divorce and he doesn't want his wife to take half of the money (which is an inheritance from his mother's estate). We read that you have to keep it separate which is why we discussed having it deposited into my account. Is there anyway around this? Is she entitled to half of the inheritance?

Your question is very suspicious. Why doesn't your father have a bank account.

Your father CANNOT deposit anything into your account.

How do I cash an HSBC check without a bank account?

I am 16 and my oarents dont want to open me a bank account so dont suggest that. How much would HSBC charge if I go to cash their check? Since the check is from their bank I heard they can cash it for you but with a price. The check is for 100$

first look at the address of the hsbc check. if you want to encash the check, it is where you will go. if abroad, you really need to open an account. make sure that the check is not a crossed checks or marked for payee's account. also make sure that the payee is in your name or pay to cash. if crossed , the check will be sent for collection.

go to the bank, bring at least 2 valid identification cards, if you're only 16, maybe the bank will accept your school id and registration card.

banks dont charge for encashment of checks. the bank will give you the amount stated in the check.

hope this will help you

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