Does Medicaid Affect Your Credit Score?

No Insurarance; Need medicare/medicate; Will it affect my credit score?

I am 30 years with no insurance. If I apply for medicare/medicate or any Govt benefit, will it affect my credit card score? State that I live in is Florida

No, it won't affect your credit score. But Medicare is only available to people over 65, or on social security disability. So Medicaid is what you're looking for. You have to have very, very low income to qualify.

Can/will unpaid medical bills affect my credit score?

I am pregnant, I don't have an insurance or medicaid and I do not nearly have the money to pay for my hospital expenses after delivery. I am worried this is going to affect my credit.

Yes. Once the bills are turned over to collections, it's a defaulted debt like any other.

How does NOT using credit card checks affect my credit score?

I receive loan checks from my credit union and my credit card company. I don't use them -- they go in my shred pile. If I don't use them, does it affect my credit score at all?

You are smart to shred those loan checks from your credit union and credit card company. They work like cash advances and carry fees along with immediate interest. Not using the checks will not impact your credit score. Using the checks, however, could have a negative impact on your credit score since your credit usage percentage would increase.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Does canceling your cell phone contract affect your credit score?

If you were to cancel your cell phone contract and pay the penalty, would that still affect your credit score?

Yes! I cancelled Verizon and paid the $180 fee. It showed on my credit score as a negative. The only negative I have ever had. But I was told that you can request it to be removed thru the credit bureau. You do know you can request a free credit report from all 3 credit unions once per year? That's how I found out mine was on there. I don't think anyone ever considered it as far as holding it against me. I've never had problems because of it.

Does Credit Karma tell you if you have no credit?

Does the website Credit Karma tell you that you have no credit if you don't or does it still estimate a number even though you have no credit. I'm asking because I used it for a credit score estimate and it gave me a score. However, as far as I knew I had no credit since I'm young and have never had a credit card. So would they say I have a score when I don't or would it just say that there's no score? I did pay a phone bill for a few months so that could be something I'd see contributing to a score, but I'm mainly concerned because I can't tell if I have no credit or if I do because of it?

If you have no credit, your real Fico score will be 0
Credit Karma may give you a score, because their formula is a bit different than the fico
They take your income into consideration - something the fico score does not do

Why don't you just check your credit reports?
They are free once a year at
Annual Credit

Many peoople never get their score. They focus on reviewing those reports once a year. Sounds like you are just focus on a 3 digit score that is really meaningless when you think about it.
Get those 3 credit reports - and forget about the score
(I'm old - and I have never paid for the score - I'm not falling into that con game)

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