Does It Snow In Victoria Bc?

Snow and rainfall in Victoria, BC-- how much and when?

Well, we're planning to move there in August of this year, and I was just wondering how much snow/rain there actually is. So if you live there please reply! More specifically: which months is rain most common, which months is snow most common, how many days are there snow on average (including unmelted snow from previous days), and how does the snow affect the roads. Any answers are greatly appreciated.

it hardly snows here.....if it does then we get it in dec/jan

it rains from oct-april

Which city gets the least snow in Canada?

Which city gets the least snow in Canada? And is it generally the warmest?

Vancouver (in British Columbia)
Victoria (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)
Basically anything on Van. Island doesn't get much snow. Vancouver almost never reaches -6 degrees Celsius and same with Victoria. They are on the ocean front.

Now if you go to the opposite side of Canada, Newfoundland is different, same with PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

How often does it snow in Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. ?

I'm planning to move from Montreal, where we have snow all winter, to Vict. or Van. B.C. but i can,t seem to get a straight answer...some people say it snows only one or twice per winter and the snow melts the same day others say different. Same thing with Vancouver. I would appreciate honest answers from people who actually live in those two cities as regards weather in winter. No need to comment on other seasons as i,ve been there and it's pretty much like Mtl. Thanks a lot.

The reason you get a variety of answers is that the weather here is subject to rapid change. I have lived in this area for quite a few years and have seen it go from sunny and reasonably warm to blizzard conditions within the course of several hours (in Victoria). That being said the average snowfall in both areas is generally no more than a few centimetres at any one time. In Vancouver there are exceptions as some parts of the city are at higher elevations. Snowfall, except in unusual conditions, generally lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 days. (As snow is not common in the area many drivers are not used to these conditions, do not have the appropriate tires, and have no idea how to drive in snow.) Both Vancouver and Victoria have their temperatures moderated by the nearby ocean so you would find similar patterns in each area.

To summarize:

Vancouver - occasional snowfalls that can amount to several centimetres lasting from 1 to 3 days. Although it often turns to rain it does stay longer than Victoria. Snow falls slightly more frequent than in Victoria during an average year. Occasional icy conditions as snow melts and freezes at night. General lack of snow removal equipment.

Victoria - occasional snowfalls of up to several centimetres lasting from 1 to 3 days as well. Generally melts reasonably fast as it often turns to rain. Rarely significant ice although when it occurs it causes problems due to lack of equipment for dealing with it.

Why is it southern Australia never experience snow?

Why is it countries in N Europe experience snow in winter, but southern Australia don't? Aren't places like Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania or Perth far south enough to experience snow? Even good old England experience snow. So why not southern Australia?

Firstly that's not entirely true. There are a number of places in Australia that experience snow and some on a regular basis (the two main ones being the Snowy Mountains, which straddle the NSW and Victoria border, and in Tasmania). In fact there are a number of ski fields in these locations. Larger parts of the inland can experience snow on an irregular basis in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Secondly, Australia really isn't that far south. Perth is at 31 degrees, Adelaide at 34 degrees, Melbourne at 37 degrees and Hobart (where it does snow from time to time) at 42 degrees.

By comparison Gibraltar is at 36 degrees, Lisbon at 38 degrees, Rome at 41 and London at 51 degrees north.

Ocean currents also play a role in terms of the prevailing local climate, but the main reason is that we're just not that far south.

What to expect when moving from Montreal to Victoria Bc?

I was hopefully thinking of relocation to victoria. Compared to Montreal what's it like in terms of jobs and apartment costs. Also does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to attend university there? Will I have to take extra courses to get in seeing as the quebec education system is slightly different?

1) Victoria is less night life than Montreal so expect to party less.
2) More rain.
3) Taxis are Limousines.
4) Less cold less snow.
5) Very few people speak French.
6) More native people.
7) Victoria is much smaller.
8)You have to wash your car more often if you don’t it’ll rust from the ocean air.
9) Expect to eat the best seafood that ever had in your life.
hope I didn't leave anything good luck.

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