Does It Snow In Ireland?

What do you think of the name Ireland?

I have seen a few people suggesting it today as a girl's name. Any thoughts? It seems weird to me to use it because Ireland is just a few hours across the ocean from me.

I'm Irish. I live in Ireland and I think Ireland is an awful name for a human.

"So Ireland, How do you feel about going to Ireland on holiday?"
"Yes Ireland, Dublin is in Ireland"

Think about your child before you name it Ireland.

How much snow did Ireland get?

How much snow has Ireland (mainly Dublin) gotten over tha past few days? Because my cousins (who live in Ireland) keep talking about how dangerous and cold it is, and I've been trying to tell them New England gets much worse. I need somethis to compare the amount of snow we usually get here to the amount that's currently there. Thanks!!:) Araic

I think Dublin has had it quite bad. For us in Ireland not being used to very snowy weather even 3 or 4cm is enough to close roads and make conditions quite difficult. We had no snow really in North Cork but last January we had about 10cm of snow and the road outside my house was impassable for 2 days.

Roads and pavements (sidewalks) are not gritted/salted outside of the main routes so side roads are like ice rinks people slip and break bones, the A&E depts are full of walking wounded with fractures.

Remember our roads are not wide highways like in America, this is the road opposite where I live covered in snow last January

Cars here don't have snow chains and people are not used to driving in snow so accidents happen. Its not that the snow is deep its just not a regular occurrence. If it snowed for weeks every year we'd have contingency plans and learn to cope as I'm sure you do.

Do you think Northern Ireland will get snow 2014?

We're in January now, do you expect any snow?

This winter in the UK has been very mild and wet with a strong jetstream. I think it's possible that late Jan into Feb the pattern changes to a more settled colder one where snow is more likely.

Can't predict snow beyond a week but there's a good chance you see some this year...

which European city gets the best snow during the winter time?

im thinking of going to an eu city this december and want to go when its snowing! which cities are most likely to get snow? we get no proper snow in ireland :(

Southern Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Poland,Lithuania and many more

How often does it snow in Ireland and Scotland?

I wanted to know how often it snows in both areas, it can be a rough estimate. :) I heard it doesn't snow much but I figured I'd ask since I want to see where it snows more often. Thank you!

It snows every year in the mountains in scotland for two or three months. It snows in the cities for a couple of weeks.
Ireland doesn't get much at all. It's a bit boring.
Scotland is nicer.

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