Does It Snow In India?

Why does it never snow in India?

I come to know that it would never snow in India except some regions in Himalayas mountains.What could be the reason for that ?

india is a tropical country and it doesn't snow does snow in north indian states like kashmir,himachal pradesh,uttarkand and some other north eastern states..

Is it true that snow in India "feels" colder than snow in Canada? What is the logic behind this :S?

Apparently (don't ask me :S ), the snow in India feels colder and can be stood on in bare feet. Where as in Canda, the snow feels much colder with bare feet.

Most people in India are used to going barefoot. India also is much warmer generally and wherever you are, when it snows overnight and the next day is warm, it's really nice to walk in it barefoot.

Snow locations India and best time for visit?

I would like to know all snow locations in india and the best time to visit the places.

You can opt for Shimla-Manali, Kashmir or Gangtok-NorthEast India.

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What time does it start to snow in North India ? What are the best places to visit to see the snow in N.India?

Can you suggest some place (Eg:Shimla) where we can stay put & then visit various places to see the snow. How bad is the cold between X-Mas & New Year holiday time? Does it snow in Darjeeling,kalimpong,gangtok,pelling. if so r these places as good as shimla,kulu,manali,kufri etc

You can not enjoy snowfall in darjeeling, kalimpong and nearby places. The places where you can enjoy snowfall are in Himachal Pradesh,Uttarakhand and J&K. The best places where you can really enjoy snowfall are Kullu-Manali in Himachal and places near Srinagar in J&K in december-february.

What are some places that dont get snow?

I am doing a project and I need answers. Whoever gets me some get 5 stars please hurry and by the question I mean what places dont get snow like africa?

The vast majority of africa, except mount kilimanjaro and some mountains in south africa. Oh and also in the mountains of Morocco, snow is commonplace in winter.
All of India outside the Himalayas.
Southern Spain hardly ever gets snow.
Most of Australia, except the Snowy Mountains (what's in a name)
The caribbean
Central america
Southern california (lowlands)
Hawaii (except on the top of mauna kea)
Southern Turkey
Most of the rest of the middle east (except for mountains in Iran)
Southern China
And in England, it's quite common in winter. I wish there was snow more often though, I'm tired of all the christmasses without snow.

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