Does It Snow In Germany?

Why hasnt Germany got more snow this year?

Last year, Germany has the most snow it has ever recorded before. Now this year its practically nothing. Possibly becuase of the upcoming poll shift?

last year there has been a strong winter in most parts of europe. it wasn't usual for germany to get so much snow. this year it's just normal so far. we often had a "green christmas" in the past, actually january and february are the months with the highest probability of snow. in the winters of 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 there was no snow at all in the lowlands, i remember we had springlike temperatures in late january around 20°C (68°F). you see, it changes every year, you never know what to expect in advance, but since it's just december there really isn't anything unusual so far. our winters are similar to the area of new york, but not minnesota, north/south dakota, wyoming, colorado or some others where they usually get lots of snow and average temperatures below freezing point.

which European city gets the best snow during the winter time?

im thinking of going to an eu city this december and want to go when its snowing! which cities are most likely to get snow? we get no proper snow in ireland :(

Southern Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Poland,Lithuania and many more

Which form of Germany was more powerful: East Germany or Nazi Germany?

Nazi Germany, hands down. Its weapons may not have been as modern as those of the later East Germany, but it consisted of ALL of Germany, which was much bigger then, including East Prussia and Silesia besides western Germany. Furthermore, Nazi germany had MUCH more support from its citizens. East germans often fled, and everyone knew East Germany wasn't a real sovereign state.

Does Heidelberg Germany quickly clear its roads when there is heavy snow in winter?

I would like to find an apartment for a year in Gaiberg, since I'm headed over there for my job. However, I am not sure if the roads are quickly cleared over there after heavy snows or not. If not, perhaps I had better live in the city, even if housing is more expensive there?

Heidelberg is located in the Rhine valley which is known as a region with mild winters and only little snow.
That said if it snows in such an area it often results in more problems than areas which are used to fight snow like the Black forest the Alps or the Bayerische Wald.

It also depends on the importance of the streets the first ones to be cleaned when it snows are Autobahnen and the main streets in the cities smaller streets can take some time to be cleaned but usually unless it is unusual heavy snowfall in Germany they are quite efficient.

If you are really worried ask some locals before renting a flat in Gaiberg.

Columbus ohio snow today...?

What is going on with all this snow? We were only suppose to get less than an inch of snow, there is atleast 3 inches and snow is STILL falling... The snow was suppose to stop at 10 AM...

There is a pocket of precipitation hanging over south-central / southwestern Ohio that is dumping all of the snow. Don't pay attention to commercial forecasts such as or that tell you what time the snow will stop.

Simply look at the radar and you will immediately see who the culprit is. The heaviest of the snow has already went through. This pocket of moisture is taking its' time exiting the area. I would say the snow will end in one to two hours from now. Only the ligher snow remains.

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