Does It Snow In Egypt?

Does it snow in Egypt in December?

There's a possiblity I might be travelling to Egypt in December. Does it snow there? What are some possible challenges to touring Egypt in the winter?

It does snow in Egypt but not in the cities rain is more likely there but there is snow in the Sinai peninsula there is the white desert and the sand it covered in a light covering of snow.

Sharm during these months is about 15-20 degrees.
And other cities slightly cooler.

I don't think there are any possible challenges touring Egypt in winter the weather is more like the UK summer. I think it's a really nice time to go as you don't have to go and buy summer clothes you can just wear your normal clothes as you won't be to hot i love it during these months i hate the heat during July in Egypt as it's so hot.

Yawm Al-giyamah sign? Snow in Egypt?

So is the snow in Egypt a sign of yawm al-giyamah because my mum said it is, im scared please give me some more detail on this... Is it true? (muslim answers only plz -_-)

It's the first snow in Egypt in 112 years. Which means 112 years ago there was snow and the world did not end.

@ The Collector. "White Christmas", Lol, thanks :)

did it ever snow in egypt?

and, does anyone know what the hottest/coldest temperature ever was in egypt? just doing some research:) some of u guys r getting me confused. i cant tell if ur being saracstic or not. u people make me laugh. lolz i luv u guys!:)

Yup. It happened before. Two years ago. It happens like every few years or something like that. I have only seen it snow in Egypt like 4 times or something during my entire life time.People get so happy when they see the snow here because it is something unusual. I am not quite sure about the cold and hot part though. Don't wanna give you false information.Will it help if I say :never too hot and never too cold ? Nahh. I don't think that will help.

What is the difference between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in ancient Egypt ?

What is the difference between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in ancient Egypt ? What is the difference between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in ancient Egypt ? Religion: Upper Egypt: Lower Egypt: Custom: Upper Egypt: Lower Egypt: Language: Upper Egypt: Lower Egypt: Interests: Upper Egypt: Lower Egypt: Needs: Upper Egypt: Lower Egypt: Rulers: Upper Egypt: Lower Egypt: Others you can include

Upper egypt was in the south and less fertile lower egypt was in the north and very fertile. The upper and lower names were named for the flow of the nile ricer (north to south) so that is why upper egypt is lower than lower egypt. Also, the categories of differences that you named are all the same. They were all part of ancient egyt. The only difference is geographical.

Is it going to snow in late november early december?

I hope it snows it would be fun and i have always wanted to ride a horse in the snow it would awesome if it did does anyone know if it will?

It would kind of help if you mentioned where you are....
For all I know you could be in Alaska, or Egypt.

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