Does It Snow In Death Valley?

where is snow valley located?

i live in los angels im trying to go to snow valley is it open and is there snow...

Snow Valley is in Karakoram, Pakistan

Would you rather be lost in Death Valley or in the Himalaya's?

Would you rather be lost in extreme heat in a place such as Death Valley or Sahara Desert with little water or would you rather be Lost in the Ice Cold Himalaya's with snow storms/avalanche's, minus 40 below at night...? In both cases you have little food and water.... Which would you rather and which is better?

death valley. its actually not that far from a couple big cities, and there are little "towns"/communities scattered throughout it. and its flat, more or less, not mountainous like the himilayas so it would be easier to travel and get to safety

How good is Big Bear in January?

I'm planning to spend my sweet sixteen with my friends at big bear but I don't know if the conditions are good during january. How is the snowfall normally? Are the skiing/snowboarding conditions okay? How cold is it? Thanks in advance for answering!

If it's going to be good anywhere in LA, Big Bear is the place. Snow Valley and Snow Summit are tops for skiing/snowboarding. Even without storms, if it's cold enough, you'll still be able to hit the slopes because they do make snow. Without real snow, it's not great, but at least you won't get skunked out and will still be able to ski/snowboard. Snow Summit is further up the road and will have slightly better conditions, but Snow Valley is bigger and more spread out.

You can check out the current conditions on the webcams below.


Hey everyone what do you guys think about this. I am so happy it has not been open for so many years. I cant wait to go tomorow. If you have riden it tell me how it is. I have been to the top of the mountain but not the back country for a long long time. So i want to know. Thanks best answer with great discription gets 10.

Happy to hear that-going in a week or so. Love Snow Valley-clean and quiet so you can have more fun. Hated Bear Valley.

How Much Does It Snow In Idaho?

Depends where in Idaho you are. I don't have exact numbers I can give, but I have lived in different areas of the state.

SW Idaho (Boise area) hardly gets any snow at all. My guess is that they average less than 5 inches per year.

SE Idaho gets tons of snow (especially in the Teton Valley). I've seen upwards of 3 feet of snow on the ground.

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