Does It Snow In Arkansas?

When does it start snowing in Little Rock, Arkansas?

My husband is up there from Florida on a business trip - and he has never seen snow before! I would love himt o be able to see it while he's there. He comes home December 15th. Is there a possibility he can see it while he's there? When does it usually start snowing?

There's not a given day for snow in Arkansas....Although....there hasn't been a year that it hasn't snowed in Arkansas......Most areas get different amounts........I have seen every winter in Arkansas.....and have seen it 1 3 FT.
I have seen Snow in November ......Arkansas weather is forever changing.....If he stays long enough.....It might get lucky on the snow......Since, He has never seen snow....I hope your wish comes true for him to see snow fall in Arkansas `````

where was the 1996 movie sling Blade filmed?


More specifically:

Benton, Arkansas, USA
Clinton, Arkansas, USA
Conway, Arkansas, USA
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

what is arkansas weather like?

summers are hot and often humid, winters are generally mild but depending on where you are in Arkansas, you will experience several cold spells each winter where nights can get down into the single digits. Snow and ice storms are very infrequent, particularly from Little Rock southward but can have a strong impact about once every ten years or so. Any snow or ice normally melts within a couple of days. Rainfall and flash flooding is more common than the tornadoes but the frequency of tornadoes is higher than most states even though Arkansas is often considered on the eastern edge of the so called tornado alley.

Here is a climate book prepared by the NWS Little Rock office. Lots of information in it.

Any suggestions for fun family vacation in the snow?

Kids are 2 & 5 so we don't necessarily have to ski. Tubing, sledding or ATV's might be fun. We live in northwest arkansas & don't want to drive more than 12 hours.

I think the closest would be in Missouri. It might be a little too far to go to Colorado, but there will be more choices and plenty of snow.
Please see the sites below.
Tubing at Snow Creek sounds like fun (700 feet ride!).
Good luck and have fun.
(Watch out for the weather!)

why is the arkansas river named that if it begins in colorado?

the arkansas river starts in colorade

The name "Arkansas" was first applied by Father Jacques Marquette, who called the river Akansa in his journal of 1673.

From 1819 the Adams-Onís Treaty set the Arkansas as part of the frontier between the United States and Spanish Mexico, which it remained until the annexation of Texas and Mexican-American War in 1846.

Later, the Santa Fe Trail followed the Arkansas through much of Kansas except for the Cimarron Cutoff from Cimarron, Kansas to Cimarron, New Mexico via Cimarron County, Oklahoma along the Cimarron River

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