Does Green Tea Thin Your Blood?

Is it good to drink green tea after running?

I just ran a mile and I only drink green tea and water. I just drank probably 20 or 30oz. of green tea is that bad? That was just an estimate but anyways the green tea I drink doesn't have any sugar or anything it is just plain green tea with lemon juice.

green tea n other green drinks have a large amount of K vitamins that help ur nerves to transmit signals n the clotting factor in ur blood. so unless ur on meds that thin the blood be careful not to overdo it if u have blood clots in the leg veins.

Is there something in Green Tea that thins your blood?

It is weird because I was walking in Ikea a couple months ago and I stopped for a green tea along the way. About 20 minutes later, I got a nosebleed. It has always bugged me because I have never gotten a nosebleed after drinking green tea. It was hot, but I highly doubt that could have caused anything. Well, the tea was hot. I am sorry I did not specify that clearly enough.

Ok, there is a bit of stuff happenning here.
It is doubtful (very doubtful) that here is anything in tea (green or otherwise) that would thin your blood.
So it comes to other factors. You mention that it was a hot day.
The nose contains an automatic system to regulate high blood pressue. It does seem to mainly affect younger people (say under 15 years of age).

If blood pressure rises, some blood is removed from your veins via a "leakage" control in your nose. The result is a lowering of blood pressure. You feel better. It is your body telling you to slow down.

You may need to increase your calorie intake, if you intend to continue the same level of activity in hot weather. Food contains energy that your body needs. If you don't get enough energy giving food then this is one result seen especially in warm weather.

Tea is low in energy, unless you add some sugar.

Will green tea extracts affect my contraceptive pill?

I've been taking the contraceptive pill Femodene for about a year now, and have just bought some green tea extract supplements to give me an energy boost, and just for health reasons really. Would the green tea extract prevent the pill from working? I drink green tea, but I'm not sure if the extracts are any different and the only information the tablets give me is not to take them if your taking medication like warfarin or ones that cause the blood to thin. Any help?

I honestly do not think they will have any effect on them; but all contraceptives are different. You should ask your pharmacist just to make sure, but I only know of some certain antibiotics that really do only decrease the effectiveness of birth control.

dose any one know about green tea? the brands and names ?

i bought 3 different kinds of green tea ones called dieters green tea 2 california dieters Green tea and the third bromley green tea. The diet green teas are making me have diarea alot and the other dosent so i was wondering whats the best grean tea to buy or what one outa of these 3 are good?

Try Reishi brand tea from Japan. It's a green tea that is a little more potent than the mild but not quite as astringent as the more cured/dried varieties.

If you are trying to use green tea for weight loss, don't. It's a gimmick. Green tea is a great addition to your overall diet to aid in digestion as well as a good source of antioxidants, but is no substitute for a sensible diet and exercise.

Do black tea and green tea share the same health benefits?

I was just drinking some black tea and wondered if green tea and black tea shared the same health benefits. Do they? THANKS!

Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea, but is harvested at a younger age. It is consumed fresh, rather than roasted like black tea. Green tea is thus less processed and retains more of its nutrients and antioxidants than black tea.

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