Does Green Tea Make Your Poop Green?

Does green tea make your skin glow and flawless looking?

Is drinking regular green tea better than using the proactiv green tea moisturizer? Does regular green tea give your skin that same fresh, cleanliness, and moisture feeling like the proactiv green tea moisurizer? How does regular green tea clean your pores? Does it clean out the oils that causes acne?

well i just drink green tea alot..and it really helps your metabolism =D.. and just drinking green tea does make your face look more clea

What kind of green tea is good for you?

I like the taste of my tetley green tea, but I want to make sure I'm getting the full health benefits of drinking green tea, so is there a more pure form I should be buying somewhere? Also, is it true that green tea can dehydrate you and cause tooth decay?

All Green Tea is good for you as it is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits. I drink quality Japanese varieties such as Gyokuro, Sencha or Matcha as they are the best quality Green Tea available.

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dose any one know about green tea? the brands and names ?

i bought 3 different kinds of green tea ones called dieters green tea 2 california dieters Green tea and the third bromley green tea. The diet green teas are making me have diarea alot and the other dosent so i was wondering whats the best grean tea to buy or what one outa of these 3 are good?

Try Reishi brand tea from Japan. It's a green tea that is a little more potent than the mild but not quite as astringent as the more cured/dried varieties.

If you are trying to use green tea for weight loss, don't. It's a gimmick. Green tea is a great addition to your overall diet to aid in digestion as well as a good source of antioxidants, but is no substitute for a sensible diet and exercise.

how manu cups of green tea a day should optimize my fat loss?

can i drink green tea after 6pm? or even later? will it interfere with my sleep? keep me awake for long?

Green tea doesn't necessarily make you loss weight.
But it sure is healthy for you.

As well, green tea won't interfere with your sleep because it doesn't have caffeine in it. Jasmine tea does though, which will keep you up. But other than that green tea can be consumed when ever, just note that green tea tends to sooth you and make you sleepy. So keep that in mind.

Will drinking green tea have the same effect as taking the green tea vitamin?

I want to start drinking green tea or taking the vitamin to get energy to go to the gym to workout.

Drinking Green Tea would be the preferred method, but Green Tea Extract can offer you a convenient way to obtain all the health benefits of Green Tea in a concentrated form.

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