Does Florida Tax Social Security?

How do I pay my Social Security?

I had an internship that turned into a part time job. I get paid as a 'freelancer' once a month at the end of the month and they don't take out any taxes or social security. I have only gotten paid for 2 months (one check came a month late). Do i pay my social security when I do my taxes? Or do I need to pay it now? If I need to pay now, how do I go about doing that?

Self-employed individuals pay their Social Security tax when they do their tax return. You need to file a Schedule C. If your net profit is $400 or more then you need to file a Schedule SE. This form is used to compute your Social Security tax. Part of your Social Security tax then becomes a deduction you enter on your 1040. You also show the amount of Social Security tax due on the 1040 and the tax is paid to IRS.

how do I pay in to social security?

I am a contactual employee and there are no deductions taken from my paycheck. I am doing taxslayer and do not know how to pay in to social security. What form do I use?

You need to file schedule C to determine how much self employed tax (Social Security Tax) you should pay. You normally only pays social security tax on net profit of your business.

I would suggest that you get a tax software like Quicken or similar software to help you. By the way, if you ar an employee, SS TAX should be taken out, if you are a contractor then you are liable to pay. If you are an employee, then you only pay 7.65% tax, if you are self employed, your tax rate is 15.3%. Many employer try to avoid paying employer share of the SS TAX, they treat regular employer as if they are contractors. These employers expose themselves for potential law suit from employees or IRS fines.

Why were we given Social Security numbers in the first place? What was the reason?

And why do we still need them?

Social Security numbers were first assigned in 1936 as part of FDR's New Deal Social Security program. Social Security is government-run and government-mandated pension.

In the mid-'80s, the IRS required that parents apply their children over five years old for social security numbers in order to be claimed as dependents on tax returns.

Now social security numbers are used for identification and taxes. If you want to enroll in school or open a checking account, you need a social security number.

As long as social security continues to exist, social security numbers will be necessary. Basically, other forms of identification (like a driver's license) are state-by-state, not federal. Social Security numbers are the only form of federal ID, really, which is why social security numbers have been used for other purposes than just social security. It's the government's way only way to track you since it doesn't give out other ID.

How can I calculate my exact paycheck?

I work part time in retail here in Florida and I want to be able to know exactly how much I will get for my paycheck. From previous pay stubs I've seen deductions for Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, and Medicare Tax. Does anyone know what the percentage is for each of these three (if they base it out of percentage at all, that is)? Thanks!

For 2012 Social Security is 4.2% and Medicare is 1.45%. Federal income tax depends on how you filed your Form W4. Check out one of the calculators at for a pretty accurate estimate of what deductions you can expect.

work history for social security?

how do i get my employment history so i can find out how much withholding taxes were taken out so I can give to social security

Your question makes no sense. You can go to and request your social security work record. You don't "give" to social security. When people are employed their employer takes out income and social security taxes. Your social security work record does not contain any information about how much you paid in income taxes nor does it show how much you paid in social security taxes. It shows you what your yearly earnings have been that you paid social security taxes on. If you want to figure out how much you've paid in social security taxes then you can go online and find out how much the social security tax is percentage-wise on earnings for each year that you worked and you can figure the amount out yourself.

For example let's say that you earned $7800 in 2010 and your share of the social security tax is 5% (that isn't the amount but this is only an example). 5% of $7800 = $390. So in 2010 you paid $390 in social security taxes.

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