Does Florida Sell Beer On Sunday?

Is it legal to bring your own beer to a restaurant and consume it there in the State of Florida?

Please provide a reference if you can. Are there additional local laws that would preculde one from consuming their own beer at a restaurant in a particular city in Florida? I have received two "no" replies, but let me ask you this..... Why is it perfectly legal and acceptable to bring your own wine to a restaurant in Florida, but not beer? Doesn't make sense to me. Can someone please post a link to the applicable Florida statute or law?

Many restaurants that allow BYOB will allow you to substitute beer for wine. To my knowledge the only rule that most have is that it is in fact beer or wine and not alcohol.
It's a very common practice at places all over the country that do not have a liquor license (since a license is to SELL liquor, they can allow patrons to bring their OWN beer or wine)
I could not find any particular website to point you toward but I can tell you that I live in Florida and there is a BYOB in my town (Fort Myers) that allows you to bring your own beer.
I think your best bet would be to call the establishment that you want to visit to find out their particular BYOB policies.

Does California require to have a liquor license to sell only beer?

Im thinking about a grill restarant that only serves beer, i mean mostly all and most popular only. What is type of license is required to sell beer but no liquor, or do u need a license at all to sell beer.

Yes, you still need a liquor license. There are a few different kinds of licenses; one of them will enable you to sell only beer and other soft alcohols (wine, etc.), but no hard alcohol. You'll have to apply with the state, and I believe the process takes a few months.

What time do the gas stations in Florida start selling beer?

It should be 7am, unless it's a Sunday. I live in Pensacola and sometimes go for a cold one in the morning and no I am not a lush. I think that Sunday is the only day you have to wait until 11am.

Does beer in Florida have less alcohol than beer in most other states?

I know North Carolina, once if not still, had beer that was weaker, had less alcohol than beer elsewhere. I was recently in Florida and drank ALOT of beer each day but could not get a buzz at all. Normally I get a buzz from about 3-4 beers. I was in Destin which is very close to Alabama. I wonder if they could have bought from Alabama distributorship.

No, Florida is's Alabama you have to watch out for. Stumbled across this on wiki a few weeks ago. A list of all the states and their alcohol laws.

what kind of license do I need to sell/serve beer and hard liquor?

What's with all these useless answers? Of corse I'll need a beer license to sell beer. What type of license as in a 48 lic. or 56 lic.?

Well thats pretty simple, if you want to sell beer, you need to have a beer and wine license. and if you want to sell hard liquor you need and a liquor license. both of these can be provided through the city you live in, or the state.

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