Does Florida Medicaid Cover Braces?

does florida Medicaid cover dental braces or invisaline teen?

I am 13 and have florida medicade with united health care will it cover my dental braces?

I don't think any state's Medicaid covers braces. Sorry.

does the sunshine state health plan from florida medicaid cover braces?

my daughter is 16

Medicaid does not cover braces. Medicaid is health insurance, not dental insurance.

I'm 26, can i get braces with NC medicaid?

I need braces but I was wondering if I am eligible for orthodontic services with NC medicaid. I got approved this month but i want to know if dental is even covered. thanks in advance.

Medicaid doesn't cover cosmetic stuff like braces.

will medicaid pay for braces in the pensacola, florida area?

i still have some more work on my teeth to be done. getting cavities filled and all that other dental stuff. but i was just wondering if medicaid would be able to pay for it or if there would be something that would help pay for it? note:i have not looked up anything. but before i did, i wanted a few opinions before i began to do a little research of my own. any suggestions?

Medicaid does not cover 'cosmetic'.
Braces are considered cosmetic (pretty sad if I must say).
It is true what Priscilla is saying. Medicaid does offer a very small discount.

Does straight medicaid cover braces for kids?

I am trying to find out if medicaid pays for braces for kids who have medicaid

Hello, Braces are considered a cosmetic procedure unless your Dr. can submit proof that they are needed to prevent a serious health issue. Medicare &Medicade do not cover cosmetic procedures.
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