Does Florida Charge Sales Tax On Services?

Should I charge sales tax in this situation?

I'm building a website, writing about 300 descriptions and updating an online catalog for a company in Florida. My corporation is also in Florida. Should I charge Sales Tax for these services?

That's not a taxable service for sales taxes in Florida.

I have a question about Florida sales tax laws?

In the state of Florida, specifically, the Northwest, I'm trying to find out about Florida sales tax laws. Here's the scenario: A hobbyist sells her wares at the local flea market/art show. Is she supposed to charge sales tax? And if so, how does she pay those taxes to the govt? Now, if she makes less than say $1000 per year gross, is she still supposed to charge and pay those sales taxes and how? I have yet to find any concrete answers on my own, so please help!

Looks like you must charge/collect sales tax...see this page:

Does the state of Florida require online stores to charge sales taxes.?

I am starting an on line store, but I am not sure if I am supposed to add Florida sales taxes to my orders. Any information or link would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

If you are a Florida company, Florida requires you to add sales tax to your customers and are in Florida. If you send merchandise to a Florida address, they expect the sales tax.

Other states, usually the state requires the recipient to declare the items they bought online, and pay their state sales tax. I don't know if many do.

The key is you have a business presence in Florida.

Charging sales tax on my web site?

I actually live in another country, although I do maintain a permanent address in the Missouri and items would ship from either Texas or Florida. Do I only need to charge sales tax for items shipping to Texas and Florida only, or do I need to do so for Missouri as well? Thanks!

depends on a lot of different factors that you haven't told us. Is this a sole propietorship? If so, then the address you maintain in MO will give you nexus in the state. You should collect and remit sales tax on all your sales into that state.

There's no sales tax in Florida, so don't tax any sales shipped to FL.

Do you have a warehouse in TX? If not, do you own the actual inventory in those states, or do you inform your supplier where to ship the inventory (you never actually get the title to the good)? It sort of sounds like you have nexus in TX. So, yes, charge tax there, too.

NJ Company with clients located in PA. Do I collect sales tax from them?

I have a small IT Services company in Southern NJ. A lot of my clients are located in PA (Philly and the surrounding areas), and I physically go to their facilities to do the work. I am not sure whether to charge them sales tax, and if so, do I use the PA rate or NJ rate? Thanks!

if you are not registered with the Pa sales tax agency, you can't collect PA sales tax
but you also can't charge NJ sales tax on Pa sales, you have a dilemna which you probably willl have to get the PA sales tax registration

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