Does Facebook User Mean?

What is the YA policy on using the facebook logo in avatars?

Many users have the facebook logo in their avatars. Is that avatar coming from facebook and is Yahoo allowing people to display the copyrighted facebook logo?

Yes, that logo is bestowed directly on the user's photographic avatar for the purpose of sharing with Yahoo! Answers, and the photo is the user's facebook profile pic. This is a fairly recent innovation (dating back about 3 months or so). It is a partnership agreement between Yahoo! and Facebook to encourage integration of Answers with social networking for the mutual benefit of both corporations and the greater enjoyment of those users who choose to take advantage of the link-up. YA users get to see this form of advertising for Facebook, while Facebook users get to see their friends' YA stream on their Facebook page.

Whats does it mean when it says facebook user?

On my messeges it says facebook user instead of my friends name, and on the side where it shows my friends who are online it says his name and that he is online but no profile picture? Can someone please tell me? Is the profile deleted or did he delete me?

Usually on mobile, if you see a message that shows the name "Facebook User" That means they might have blocked you, their account got disabled, got locked for security reasons, or they have deactivated their account.

How to hide my facebook "page" with a banner until someone "likes" the page?

I was wondering this, I have a website and I want my readers to come "like" my facebook page. I know some bloggers and people out there have a banner designed and an arrow pointing to the "like" button and the banner usually says "Want to see the news? Like this page" and once you click "like" then the rest of the content is shown to you. How do I install this feature into my own facebook "page"?

It's easily done on a website using either javascript or php.

- use facebook api to check is a user is your fan or not. It's he is not a fan, block content, and present a window to like and whatever. Once the user clicked, show the content. There are several ways of doing it actually.

Any web programmer can easily do that for you.

BUT you need to know that's actually illegal according to facebook's policies. You have to allow a user to voluntarily like you. Asking for likes in return for content is a violation. People do it, but if someone reports you, facebook will take action.

How to Include a Hyper link on Facebook Comments ?

Hyperlink On Facebook Comment

HI! friend,
to insert hyperlink in facebook comments just press @ and start typing the Facebook name of the user you want to hyperlink, as you start typing the profiles of the users whose name matches with what you have typed will be displayed on the screen, just select the profile by clicking on the desired facebook profile. You can also hyperlink pages in a similar manner.
Please note that most of the times the user you want to hyperlink must be in your friends list otherwise you can't hyperlink their name.
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What does it mean to poke people on Facebook?

I get a lot of pokes on Facebook and I get them a few girls and a LOT of guys? So I was wondering what does it mean to poke someone on Facebook and if I poke them back what does it mean I just did or ment?

The poke is a feature of Facebook whose sole purpose is to attract the attention of another user. The only thing that happens when you poke someone is that this person receives a poke alert on his or her home page.

As pokes attract the attention of a user, they can be used for various different things and thus have different meanings. You can, for instance, poke a friend just as a way of saying “Hello.”

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