Does Facebook Strip Exif Data?

How do I delete the information from my pictures?

When you put the curser over the picture, some of the pictures include the date and time it was taken. How do I delete this info?

There is other that can be included in the exif data. Like gps location that the image was taken (makes you think about all the images you taken and posted on facebook, huh?)

Just search "remove exif data"

How can you find out what camera a person used to take a photograph?

Ok. So I was lurking around on fb and I found this girls fb and her pictures look fantastic! I don't have her as a friend but I can see her pictures, is there anyway I could find out what kind of camera she used without having to add her, I mean it would be extremely creepy if I added her and I don't even know her, you know. I need help! ya and I know that the results won't be the same regardless if we have the same camera. ok, OK!

There is EXIF data in almost every jpeg on the web that will tell you the make/model of a camera and all the settings. However, Facebook strips the EXIF data when you upload, so there's nothing to see. Also sites that do preserve EXIF data can still have that info removed by the user.

One last thing to know, even if you did find out what camera the person is using, don't expect your results to be the same. Owning the same set of drills that your dentist owns doesn't make you a dentist too.

You don't have to add the person as a friend, just send them a direct message, say that you think her photos look great, and ask what kind of camera she uses. Not a big deal.

Why is the name of my photography business not on the photos i take?

So I put the name on the photos and uploaded them to facebook but they aren't on the photos when they are on Facebook but they are when they are in a folder on my computer whats going on No I didn't its the same exact folder

If you mean in the metadata, Facebook automatically strips the copyright information out of the jpeg exif data when you upload the images.

Facebook says this is for privacy concerns, but my guess is that it also makes it very hard to prove copyright infringement should it come up.

If you are talking about a watermark on the photo, if the photo you uploaded has a watermark, so will the facebook version. It would help if you provided more information about how you are exporting from Lightroom to Facebook.

if you sent a message on facebook can that person trace your computer?

I sent a message to a person i don't know and i am scared they will find out who i am. Can they trace to my computer and figure out who i am?

Not by any means involving your IP or anything. That danger is removed by Facebook acting as an intermediery - your computer never connects to theirs, simply put.

However, if they can access your profile, they could find out much more about you, and if they get a picture taken with an iPhone or similar, quite often that has location data embedded in the EXIF data, thanks to the "smart" GPS feature. I think that's by default turned off, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, there are ways and means of finding someone on the Internet. A friend once managed to find someone by literally doing lots of hard work with a photograph and Google Street View. In a situation not as creepy as it sounds, but moving swiftly on...

Strictly speaking, the answer to your question is no, they don't have access to any data about your computer. But more broadly, you might have accidentally led them right to your door.

Moral of the story: The Internet can be a pretty dangerous place, especially when one blithely posts personal details on social networking sites.

How to download Facebook data from Mobile?

In order to make my facebook account more secure I want to download my Facebook data. How can I do this?

It can be done here

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