Does Facebook Ban People?

Do Facebook ban/suspend people who declare false information over people's age?

I have never ever joined Facebook but am thinking of giving it a go. I want to specify my age as 100 (though I am a twenty something). A lot of young people do the same thing on MySpace. Do Facebook ban people who do this?

no, they don't ban you facebook wont ever know your real age so u can put whatever you like. i know many people who lie about their age on facebook and myspace. they have no right to ban u because of age

How long is the ban on Facebook going to last?

Just wondering if there are any plans for the Facebook ban in China to be lifted any time soon.

Facebook will remained blocked by Chinese authorities until Facebook complies with Chinese law.

Facebook allows its users to post pornographic and politically inflammatory material. Until that stops, Facebook will not be allowed in China.

what is the difference between a preban ak 47 and a post ban?

like other than prices. i dont see what so different

pre ban rifles could have flash supressors, bayonet lug, pistol grip. Post ban models had to elimiate that stuff. However, we are in post post ban. Post ban meant guns built to comply with the assault weapons ban which ran from 1994 to 2004. It is now defunct and no longer applicable.

Gun companies can make new guns that are identical to pre ban guns. During the ban, pre-ban guns sold for a premiuim price, so to this day some people claim guns are 'pre ban' and charge extra to ignorant customers.

How to join Facebook groups?

I've made a Facebook group for my moms food business and it's a secret group right now (cause no One knows about it yet) but I want people to be able to join with out having to add me first. So I know that with a secret group, people will Have to add me first and I don't want random people adding me. So if I make it a closed group, will people still have to add me to join? Or can they join without being on my friends list. Also, I don't want it to be public cause its a really small business ( just selling food in town- with a food trailer) anyway and there are also a few ppl in my friends list that I don't want them to see the group, for personal reasons. Is there a way I can keep them from seeing it? Sorry my questions are so confusing.. So I'll make it simpler: Can people join secret group on FB w/out being on admins frnds list? Do people have to be on admin frnd list to join closed group? Can I keep certain ppl from seeing the group? Thanks!

To join a group, click Ask to Join Group at the upper right side of the group's page. You can also be added to a group by a friend who is already a member.

People don't have to be your friend on Facebook to join closed Group, Anyone can join.

I don't think you can keep certain people from seeing this group but if they join the group, you can Ban/Remove them.

To Ban/Remove a member:

On the right side of the group, you will see something that say "Members" to the right side of that click "See All", then you can ban/remove a member by clicking "X" to the right side of their name.

Hope this helps, Good Luck! :)

When you allow subscribers on FB can you ban a few people who are bad and doing wrong things on ur FB?

Hi,I am going to make an Fb account soon and I wanted to allow subscribers but there are people on FB who are very mean write stupid things on your status comments so can we ban them?I really want to allow subscribers please tell me your experiences if we can.Thank you!!! Thanks but when I allow subscribers can I really do that.NOT friends JUst SUBSCRIBERS? CAN i block them too?

block them by using the settings.facebook has updated its privacy settings now and its really safe

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