Does California Medi Cal Cover Chiropractic Services?

Does Medi Cal cover Chiropractic Services?

I have recently been approved for Medi Cal; I'm curious as to whether their services would cover chiropractic services.

Yes it does.
I was a Medical Chiropractor while working in California.
The sad thing was, almost nobody ever called me for it - I think they didn't realise it was there!
And I was practically giving the treatment away too!
Call one - they will be happy!

Is denti-cal (medi-cal) still available in California or they don't offer dental services anymore?

I know that medi-cal used to cover dentist and glasses, but I think I saw a website saying there is Denti-cal, is it available?

For children under 21, it's still available the way it always has been.
For most adults 21+, it's pretty much limited to emergency services including extractions, treatment of infections and pain relief. See for more information.

Bob Isman, DDS, MPH
Dental Program Consultant
Medi-Cal Dental Services Division
California Dept. of Health Care Services

Does Medi-Cal cover Braces?


if you are under 18 medi-cal does cover braces

however i think recently, california has stopped providing funding for dental coverage with medi-cal you should check to see if you are still eligible

Is medi-cal really being cut back for adults?

I heard through a couple friends but haven't received a notice from my worker yet. That as of July 1, 2009 Medi-Cal will no longer cover Dental, Vision or Mental Health for adults anymore.

Like, with a chain saw. California is a fiscal basket case on life support. Expect cuts to come hot and heavy in All State spending.

How do you apply for get medicaid for pregnant women in California?

I heard that there was a medicaid or medi-cal for pregnant women, how do you apply for medi-cal or medicaid for pregnant women in California? The more info the better, step by step would be great!

you need to go to your local social services building.
you can find this by googleing "social services (your zip code)"

after you find the closest one to you, you need to just go in and apply.
i would recommend going around 12 or 1 pm.
just because there is a huuuuge line in the morning.

you should take your proof of income, residence, your ID, proof of pregnancy from your doctor, bank statements from all your accounts, tax forms...
anything you think you may need, really.
it took me a few days to apply because i had to keep coming back the next day with different papers.

remember to bring a good book lol
i had to wait 3 or 4 hours a day just for them to tell me that they needed another proof of something before they could accept me.

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