Does California King Snake Have Teeth?

What size under tank heater is appropriate for a California king snake terrarium?

I just received a young California king snake and have just purchased one of those snake habitat kits by All Things Living. The habitat kit included an under tank heater and I was wondering if it was the appropriate size for the snake's enclosure (I have him in a 29 gallon aquarium which has a 30x12 footprint). I've heard from different sources that the under tank heater should cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottom of the aquarium. Is this correct?

if it came with the kit that u got, then that should be fine, just make sure its directly under the snake's hide box on the warm side...hope this helped...good luck with new snake =)

When will my California king snake hibernate?

My king snake hasn't eaten for about a month now. I know snakes are able to go months without eating but can it mean also that he's about to hibernate since it's October? I mean he's still pretty active and the temperature of the tank has only dropped one or two degrees. When will California king snakes hibernate anyways?

it wont unless you drop the temps down. if you maintain proper temps they will not go into brumation.

you may need to raise the temp up to get him eating again raise it up to about 90 to raise his metabolism.

What kind of snake should I get between a Spotted Python, California King Snake, or a Hognose Snake?

Size wise and I know Hognose's have a slight toxicity in their saliva but will they try to bite and how likely is it that i will be bitten fangs and all?

Hognose are rear fanged.

are there coral snakes in california?

my friend told me there are coral snakes in malibu, california and i really want to see one if there isnt any does anyone know what kind of poisonous snakes are in or around malibu

No. Not supposed to be.

The Arizona coral snake, Micruroides euryxanthus, isn't shown to range as far as California in this wikipedia map:

But the possibility exists for a released snake to be anywhere. Since coral snakes are not often found in the hobby, if you've seen something like a coral snake, it's probably a harmless released Scarlet King snake, Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed Snake or a Milk snake.

"Red and yellow, kill a fellow; red and black, friend of jack"

But there should be some Western rattle snakes around Malibu.

How much does a snake bite hurts?

Does a snake bite hurts like if a California snake bite me right now would it hurt alot

Sorry if I scared you on your last question!
Ooops haha

A bite from a cali king is NOT going to do much damage at all.
Colubrids like that have a lot of short, very sharp teeth as well as a relatively weak bite force.
As I'm sure you already know, they most certainly do not have venom or huge hypodermic fangs.
Bites from babies and juveniles can honestly hardly be felt at all.
An adult is likely to make you bleed, but again its not too painful. Think maybe of someone pinching you with their fingernails.

I've been bitten by plenty of species; birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, centipedes, large lizards, colubrid snakes, boids.... honestly, the snakes hurt the least; especially the smaller snakes like kings. Snake bites are absolutely NOTHING compared to rodent bites!

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