Does California Dmv Take Credit Cards?

I lost my california ID card? Can someone steal my information?

Ím 21 and live in Californiạ I think I might have misplaced my Identification card in my house or it dropped somewhere outside my house. I lost my california identifcation card NOT MY california driver licensẹ I still have all of my cards (credit cards, debit cards, ssn card, library card, bus pass, student ID, birth certificate, and river license, etc). I lost it about 6 months ago. Credit report seems fine and nothing bad happened so far. Am I going to be a victim of identity theft? What is the worst case scenario if someone has my identication card? What should I do? What can the DMV do if I report my identifcation card as lost? Can they cancel my card so no one can use it? I am scared and very worried.

The California DMV has a page of information ( about what to do if you are worried about identity theft. They say:

"If your DL/ID card is stolen or misused contact DMV at 1-866-658-5758 or by e-mail at, or by mail at DL Fraud Unit MS L217, PO Box 932391, Sacramento CA 94232-3910 to inquire about the steps to take to protect your identity. Do not include any personal identifying information on your e-mail."

The page also includes other actions you can take, such as requesting that the credit bureaus flag your account with a “fraud alert” as a preventative measure.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a page about warning signs of identity theft to look out for (

California's Office of the Attorney General also has a page about steps to take if you are worried about identity theft (

what is the closest California DMV from phoenix Arizona?

I need to renew my license in california because that is where i am a resident. i am just in AZ because my girlfriend lives here. so any helpful info about where the closest california dmv is from phoenix would be greatly appreciated! thanks :)

Blythe is the closest California DMV office to Phoenix. If you have a renewal notice you can renew online.

Dmv open after 5pm california?

The DMV website ( will list every DMV office, and their business hours. Some offices in larger cities are open later one night a week, usually Thursdays.

how to renew car tags through California DMV online registration ?

what is the procedure to renew car tags through online California DMV website guys ? do i have to provide paypal only ?

You pay by credit card. They mail you the sticker.

Question about California Driver License?

We signed an agreement with a guy, he showed his driver license with US1xxx xxx ( too letters,6 numbers) , as far as I know California license always starts with A,B,C,D then 7 numbers. Have you seen such license before? where can I find it is real or fake driver license? can DMV give info? in case they have privacy policy.

All California driver's license and identification cards start with the sequences that you just mentioned. They now have holograms on them that will show the DMV logo along with the California emblem to verify it's authenticity.

A person with an International license also have a passport-like booklet along with their license. The letter sequencing you mention is very odd. I haven't seen an international license with letters on them. The DMV wouldn't be able to verify it's authenticity, even if it's a California issued card. I would advice you to ask for a second identification card or a birth certificate. If you're still doubtful, I wouldn't do any business with them.

Good luck!

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