Does California Allow Conjugal Visits?

What states in the US allow conjugal visits?

My husband is a correctional officer and said there are 4 states in the US that allow conjugal visits, so I'm curious what states they are.

Six states. California, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, & Washington. I believe all of them are limited to inmates and spouses who were legally married prior to incarceration, and if the inmate is positive for HIV he is denied. They have to apply for permission and it's not easy. Any behavioral problems and they can forget it.

Conjugal visits in jail?

what are conjugal visits in jail and do we have them here in Edmonton,canada at the new remand center, and go I book one of them ive been with my boyfriend for 6 months im 16, and hes 19? since its been 6 months wouldn't that count for common law Didn't Say Anything, About Banging Just Wanna C Him...

LMFAO please tell me you're trolling...

6 months doesn't count for sh!t. Common law marriages take YEARS and even then many jails don't have to grant conjugal visits at all. You really think they're going to let a 16 yr old in to bang her 19 yr old criminal boyfriend?

If you're not trolling you have a LOT of growing up to do.

Can Boyfriend and girl friends have conjugal visits in Ca. prisons or is that for married only?

Curious, I know some restrictions are in place for security, but can a man visit his GF in prison for conjugal visits?

In California, if you're already married when you go to a state prison, or if you and the inmate have a child with the father's last name, you can get on the list to wait for an available "family visit" with the inmate, you, and even children. The CDC usually puts a limit on such visits, with a maximum of 43 hours. If you are not already married, you may be wed at the facility, and then AFTER you wait the mandatory 6 month waiting period, you can then wait for it to be your turn on the waiting list for an available visitation house.

Also, CA now allows same-sex visits if the couple were registered domestic partners before the incarceration.

Note this only applies to state prisons, not federal.

how does a straight man doing many years in prison go without sex?

How does a totally straight convict find relief? Or how bout the ones doing lwop that can't even get conjugal visits?

Relief is found in the shower.

are jail visits different from prison visits?

my boyfriend is in jail right now and all i have to do to go see him is show the guard my id and i get to spend two hours with him at the most, but we have to talk on the phone through glass. i was just wondering if it's the same in prison? because he's going to prison for at least a year. we are in florida by the way. so i guess i'm just really asking in what ways is prison different from jail??

in prison you get more visits and longer and can hang out with the inmate in person. Jail you only get 2 visits a week and only up to 30 mins which a lot of times they cut your time short. Thats my towns jail. 2 hours like you say for a jail visit is long.

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