Do Vegans Need Less Sleep?

Why don't vegans support schooling children?

The children haven't consented to go there. Education is to ensure children can contribute to the economy. Isn't this commodification of children? Therefore vegans vegans must be against schooling, yes?

Vegans are deranged and they want everybody else to be as messed up as they are. If the children of vegans went to school they might get some education about proper nutrition. The kids might touch animal products in their phys-ed class. Vegans are so unamerican they don't let their kids play baseball. The ball is clad in horsehide and the glove is made from leather, another animal product. Think of all the animal skin products in a school gym. Soccer and volleyballs, footballs, boxing gloves and punching bags, wrestling headgear.
Next is the cafeteria. Just breathing in there would cause the kids to smell delicious meat being cooked. A curious child would have to find out for himself if it taste as good as it smells.
vegans and school just don't work together.

What is your opinion on vegans who eat products with honey?

It's a controversy, some vegans eat honey, some don't. Do you draw the line when it comes to saving insects? what about silk worms? Do you really feel that worms have intelligence? and what other purpose do they have in this world? All comments are welcome, I'm interested in what you have to say.That way I have a better understanding how to answer non-vegans when they confront me about questions like the ones I'm asking you.

I don't really care what people eat within reason. As for my opinion of those vegans who do eat honey, I think it's good that they are really living their lives the best way they know how and not letting some label or unwritten set of "rules or opinions of some fanatic teenagers define how they should live their lives. According to some very reasonable vegans that I have great respect for, the reason they are "vegans" is that they want to minimize as practically as possible their personal contribution to the suffering and exploitation of animals. Some fo them eat honey, some of them don't. But they don't go around saying "well they are not vegans then if they eat honey " because to them, actually living as a vegan is infinitely more important than carrying the label like some sort of crown or trophy for others to admire.

Can vegans eat greek yogurt?

No, Greek Yogurt is made from cow's milk, which vegans cannot eat. Safe for a vegetarian but vegans do not eat meat/dairy and byproducts of an animal (honey, eggs, etc)

What do vegans eat to stay healthy?

I am slowly but surely converting to be a vegan and I am not sure what to stay away from and what to eat. I know vegans dont eat any meat but what else DO they eat? As far as rice, fruit, yogurt, noodles, pastas etc? If anyone knows a website, food pyramid or anything for beginning vegans please let me know.

Lots of veggies, tea, toast (wheat), fruit, tofu, ect..
No eggs, jello, leather, cheese, milk..or meat.
People! LOL Vegans don't eat dairy!

Try this website.

At the feeding of the 5000, what happened to those with wheat allergies or vegans?

If you have a wheat allergy, you can hardly eat bread, and vegans cannot eat fish. Why wasn't there an option for those with allergies or vegans?

Jesus said, "Let them eat cake!"

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