Do Muslims Really Want To Kill Christians?

Why are Muslims killing Christians in Middle East and Africa?

Muslims always boast about how they consider Jesus as Messiah while the Jews don't but why do they hate Christians?

I hadn't heard that Muslims considered Jesus the Messiah. As to why Muslims in the Middle East and Africa are killing Christians, that's a territorial and power matter rather than a religious one. The individuals engaging in killing Christians have been brainwashed in to thinking that if the Christians won't become Muslims then the only solution is to kill them.

Do you agree that the Crusades were started by Chritians to kill innocent Muslims ?

When Palestine was under the control of Muslims at that time the Muslims allowed all the other people doesnt matter from which religion to come and visit jerusalem freely and without any hurdles. The Christians then thought why not attack the Muslims and Take control of over all Jerusalem and related areas. In this way the crusaders were started all of them and the Christians lost all of them. But they just get carried away and try to make Muslims angry and try to play with their feelings by saying that the Christians won all the crusades .

I'm not a historian and would have to research this, but my first thought was....that was so very long ago. Comparing modern day Christians to the Crusaders is like comparing slave-owners to my uncle who lives in Atlanta. It's in the past... It's over, sweetie...move on to life in this century....Blessings!

Why do most religions that believe in the bible and quran choose to ignore the "shall not kill" commandment?

I once worked with a suni muslim and he told me that they not only believe in the quran but the bible also. I was surprised to hear this. I always thought that the muslims didn't even acknowledge the bible. So if the Christians, Muslims and Jews all believe in the bible and the word of God/Allah, why do they all choose to ignore the commandment "you shall not kill"?

For the record, suicide bombers and terrorists make up a VERY SMALL MINORITY OF MUSLIMS AS A WHOLE. Muslims do NOT all ignore that commandment or agree with the actions of the al-Qaeda or extremists - in fact, the majority of Muslims in no way even support their ideals. This is a common misconception that has led to Muslims being treated horribly in the States and all over the world, and it's very wrong.

Furthermore, Christians also had the Spanish Inquisition despite that commandment, so as you can see, it's very common for a religion to justify murder because of certainty of belief.

If only everyone could just see that one's beliefs are one's own, and we all have the right to whichever we choose without interference from others, the world would be a much better place. Peace.

Is God confused about what name he prefers to go under, or are there two, or more Gods presently operational?

While using the name ' Allah ' he inspires Muslims to kill Jews,and Christians. Then turns around and uses the name ' Yahweh ' to inspire Jews, and Christians to kill Muslims. Perhaps this is God's way of thinning out the human population. What do you think ? More importantly, do you mind being fooled like this?

If only there were some way to eliminate the Deities that are causing people to treat one another this way. Or, the only other answer would be to teach people to ignore these Deities. This is the reason why the work done by Atheists is so very important.

Why are Ahmadis persecuted more than Christians in Pakistan?

I know both groups are persecuted, but Ahmadis are persecuted more than Christians in Pakistan. I don't get this because Christians' viewpoints are more different from Muslims' than Ahmadis' viewpoints. Any credible sources I could look at would be great!

Read Koran.

See for yourself what a Hate filled Book that is where their Allah commands them to kill all the Disbelievers and Hypocrites [meaning the Muslims who dare to refuse to fight for their Jihad and want Peace and Harmony] in no less than 109 places in the Koran.

The Ahmadiyya, Baha'i, Shi'a and Sufi etc are considered to be Hypocrites and that's why the Muslims murder them. But then, the Muslims murder anyone and everyone.

Well, if you read the Koran from cover to cover, you can see for yourself where all that violent, murderous insanity is coming from.


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