Do Muslims Pay Tithes?

establishing priorities for bills?

My priorities go like this
Tithes to God
Surprisingly, when I omit the first priority, I cannot meet all my other obligations. However, when I pay my tithes, God promises to supply my needs, and I have never gone without.

Do you pay tithes on you stimulus?

Do you pay tithes on you stimulus check? Not sure so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Thank you for all of your input! I am just torn on what is the right thing to do but i made up my mind! Thanks to all so much!

Depends - did you pay a tithe on the pre-tax amount when you got your paychecks or on the post-tax amount?

I'd say if you didn't pay a tithe on the amount you gave to the government, if the government gives it back to you, then you pay a tithe. But if you already tithed on the gross, no need to pay a tithe again when you get it back.

Then again, we are being legalistic here - it all depends on what you've committed to do before God on your own volition.

Remember, in Christ we are no longer under the law, but we follow the Spirit's leading in our hearts.

How much more in taxes do Non-Muslims have to pay in Islamic Nations?

If your not a muslim the country punishes you by making you pay more taxes than the muslims do- anyone know how much in taxes they ( Christians or Atheists) have to pay their theocracies? How come GE didn't pay taxes in America and some others who fund the Obama campaign?

The tax paid by non-Muslims or Jizya, equates to about 1% of your earnings, it is in fact less than the tax paid by Muslims which is the zakat(2.5%). The Jizya ensures the safety of the non-Muslims living in a Muslim society and it is completely up to the non-Muslim whether or not he/she wants to live in a Muslim society. Contrary to what you may believe, it is currently not in effect in any Muslim country today. As you can see, the Jizya is no where near what you would pay in a western country. Teachers in Canada for example pay up to 45% of their earnings towards taxes. Refusal to pay taxes in a western country will result in them taking more of your money and can result in jail time.
I hope I cleared any misconceptions you may have had towards Islam. :)

Why shouldn't Muslims pay extra tax in Christian countries?

Christians and Jews had to pay a tax under Islamic rulers in the past so why shouldn't Muslims pay an extra tax in Europe now?

Muslims shouldn't pay additional tax because they aren't receiving (or demandnig receipt of) any additional government services. Past practices in the dark ages are not relevant.

How do you claim tithes on your tax returns?

I gave over $1,750.00 in tithes and offerings last year. Is that enough to claim as a deductible? Will it even be beneficial if I do?

You can do this if you have prrof of the donation, either a receipt or cancelled check. You must have one or the other. Secondly, this will only be of value if you itemize deductions rather than taking a "standard" deduction.
Here's a link to an IRS publication re: deducting charitable contributions if you want more info.

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