Do Muslims Own Target?

Does anyone know what were the partnerships between designers and TARGET?

I know: Target Jason Wu Target Missoni Target Alice Temperley Target Libertine Target Prabal Gurung Target Luella Target Bartley Target Proenza Schouler Target Rodarte Target Thakoon Any more?

Don't forget to mention Isaac Mizrahi.

They are the lower version quality of the high end label, designed by those on your list, but they're not the quality version.

Example: The first time I bought one jeans with the IM label, they weren't fitting properly on me. That was the last time I bought jeans from Target, again!

H&M is doing the same thing, now too, example Vera Wang, Versace to name just two.

They sell them for cheaper, and so people who can afford them can have a 'taste' of Designer Brands.

Why do conservatives dislike Muslims so much?

Muslims and conservatives believe in the right to bear arms. Muslims and conservatives oppose gay marriage. Muslims and conservatives oppose abortion. Muslims and conservatives don't believe in separation between church and state. Muslims and conservatives believe in genital mutilation. After all, Muhammad was white... Muslims and conservatives both have a disdain for Americans and the freedoms they enjoy. Ieatlunch- correct.

For the same reason you can't have 2 male dogs in the same room. Rabid or otherwise.

As it is looking at the debates it seemed more like a Game show: "Who's the better Christian".
I'll take "Bible verses" for a thousand.

Just like Romney and Perry playing who's the better rich guy. With $10,000 bets.

Give me a story of the strong v the weak from any religious scripture?

Ill start it off, Pharoah and Moses

Battle of Badr: Muslims (313 fighters) vs Kuffar (1000 fighters) = Muslims win

Battle of Uhud: Muslims (700 fighters) vs Kuffar (3000 fighters) = Muslims win

Battle of Ahzab: Muslims (2000 fighters) vs Kuffar (24,000 fighters) = Muslims win

Battle of Tabouk: Muslims (30,000 fighters) vs Kuffar (several hundred thousand fighters) = Kuffar ran away

**note Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lead the Muslim armies of all these battles

Who owns of Target Stores?

Target is the department store division of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, which later changed its name to Target Corp.

So Target Stores are owned by Target Corporation.

question about different muslims?

hey guys im a sunni muslim and we were going somewhere and saw a qadiani/ahmaddiya muslim masjid.. what is the difference between the two???

Qadiani/Ahmadis try to convince Muslims that they are Muslims
unlike Baha'is who completely split into a new religion the Ahmadis keep clinging to be part of the Muslims
this is why you will find that most of their practices and even Moques are similar to the main stream of Islam
even when you hear them speaking you would thing they are normal Muslims

but one you get into the fact of their leader bing a prophet and an incarnate of Jesus Christ (AS) then you would realize that your are talking to a different group.

to the people who do not know they would think they are talking sense
but it is by far declared by the majority of Muslims Ummah these the Ahmadi/Qadiani are not Muslims. Since the basic claim of their leader is false and what is built on false is false.

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