Do Muslims Keep Pets?

Are Muslims allowed to own cats as pets for leisure?

I know that Muslims are not allowed to own dogs as pets for pleasure, because in their beliefs, dogs are 'unclean'. They can however own a dog for hunting, or for human aid (seeing-eye dogs for the blind). I was just wondering whether cats are able to be kept as normal house-pets? I can imagine that a Muslim may own a cat for mouse-hunting, but are you allowed to own a cat as a pet just for pleasure? In other words, are domestic cats considered 'unclean'? Thank you!

I adore animals, I owned a lot of pets, cats, dogs, birds, fishes, rabbits, turtles etc. I love riding, but I couldnt own a horse yet (:

no problem owning pets (except purposes u counted), cats or dogs in Islam. just if u own then it s ur obligation to feed them, make them comfort(heat, place, hygiene, health care etc..), LOVE them. u must do these for dogs too. just we dont allowed to let dogs come inside our living areas(rooms we eat, sleep...but balconies, gardens..ok)

and like friends said, science today says other allowed animals more hygienic for us than dogs.

What kind of Muslim-dog interraction is allowed?

OK basically I understand Muslims aren't allowed to have dogs as pets. But can Muslims stroke dogs? Can they let dogs lick their faces? Can Muslims use a Furminator brush to take the fluff from their dogs coats? Can Muslims clean dogs by putting them in the shower or bath?

OK. It depends on the juristic school you follow. I follow Maliki fiqh where every living thing, it's sweat, saliva, tears, and mucus is considered pure. Dogs are not allowed in the house as pets - but some scholars say they may be allowed inside if they are a service dog and are needed to help someone - such as a Guide Dog for the blind. (I think this is based on the ruling that dogs may go in with the livestock that they herd in cases where they pasture with them - but I am not clear on this.)

Dogs may be kept if they perform a useful function - herding, guarding, assisting, and hunting as part of one's income come to mind. Except in very few cases they should be kept outside.

So, as a Maliki, I pet my friend's dogs (washing my hands afterward as one should do anyway); I don't keep a pet dog; and I know of a Maliki Sister who has a Guide Dog.

Other juristic schools differ; I have known Muslims who won't sit on a public bench without putting down a covering for fear that a dog might have sat there.

did khufu have any pets?

did khufu [the Pharaoh that ruled the old kingdom] have any pets.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find information on pets that Khufu himself owned. However, a pet cat, as is a dog are almost guaranteed. There are other possibility's, but im not sure they can actually be considered pets. You may find this link helpful, though it mainly focuses on animals meant for food there is a section on pets.

Should our pets be apart of this new heath care?

After all our pets are apart of the family and its exspencive to take care of our pets. I think our pets should get a break as well as we did. A long time ago we could of claim our pets for tax purposes so why cant we put them on our health insurance?

You don't know what you're talking about Shawn. We've never, ever been able to claim pets for tax purposes. And if someone breeds animals it is a business and the business must pay taxes.

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