Do Muslims In America Pay Taxes?

How much more in taxes do Non-Muslims have to pay in Islamic Nations?

If your not a muslim the country punishes you by making you pay more taxes than the muslims do- anyone know how much in taxes they ( Christians or Atheists) have to pay their theocracies? How come GE didn't pay taxes in America and some others who fund the Obama campaign?

The tax paid by non-Muslims or Jizya, equates to about 1% of your earnings, it is in fact less than the tax paid by Muslims which is the zakat(2.5%). The Jizya ensures the safety of the non-Muslims living in a Muslim society and it is completely up to the non-Muslim whether or not he/she wants to live in a Muslim society. Contrary to what you may believe, it is currently not in effect in any Muslim country today. As you can see, the Jizya is no where near what you would pay in a western country. Teachers in Canada for example pay up to 45% of their earnings towards taxes. Refusal to pay taxes in a western country will result in them taking more of your money and can result in jail time.
I hope I cleared any misconceptions you may have had towards Islam. :)

Why should we pay taxes? Who is the Government to tell me they can take my money?

that I earned. If the Government wants money why cant they go make some themselves like every other hard working white Christian(protestant) in America? In a God Fearing America, we shouldn't have to pay taxes, Jesus himself said we should pay whatever we like or nothing at all. It went something like, Give to the Romans....whatever you like, or nothing at all. So i don't see why i am forced to pay taxes, which are clearly satanic and for Muslims only like HUSSEIN. So why should we?

Hydra venom kills trolls, every time!

Do I have to file taxes if I made under $5000, but didn't pay taxes?

I someone works part time for a few months and is paid without having their taxes withheld, do they have to file taxes? Would they have to pay? Or is that a low enough amount that the gov't doesn't care too much? Also, how would that affect the $600 rebate thing? Would it be better to file and pay the taxes to get the extra rebate, or what? There were no taxes. know what form I need to file? Ok...let me clarify this again... This was a restaraunt. The person was a cook. We were under the impression that the checks given out had the taxes withheld, but come to find out the guy just says he and his wife work there...pretty illegal, huh? So should he file as self employed still? P.S. The fact that I'm a girl has nothing to do with it...if it was up to him, he'd sit and do nothing until the IRS DID come swirling his house in black helicopters...I'm at least asking to see what he should do...

If you get a paycheck from a company and you also got a w2 form you need to pay taxes. If you make money in America you need to pay taxes on it. Since you never paid taxes on it you will owe them a good amount of money.

why should we pay taxes?

Is there any legal way to stop paying taxes? Besides it is voluntary compliance.

we should pay taxes because it helps everyone. If you don't pay your taxes the governement goes bankrupt (more than it already is) and any good that the Government does, will stop. Patriotism, and To stay out of jail are the other answers, but not to strong.

one legal way to not pay tazes, is staying at your parent's and not making enough money to pay taxes.

Also, there's a movie, (i forgot what it is called) where a group is going to plant a bomb inside an asteroid so it doesn't hit the earth, well, one of the guys asks the government to never again pay taxes, and they promiss him that. So if you can save the world from imminent asteroid impact, you could not pay taxes.

or you could die, that way you don't have income.


When Obama starts forcing Abortions will the Muslims have to leave America?

Or can Muslims use birth control? Obama hired Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar who wants to force abortions and put sterilants in our drinking water.

forcing abortion !
would not such thing be just.... inhumane ? for muslims or no muslims?
would you accept forcing abortion ?
would ''forcing abortion'' receive primary stress in your sentence if spoken? or would it go on .. 'muslims 'leave 'america.. ?

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