Can Your Water Break If You Are Not Dilated?

what causes a woman's water to break without and contractions or dilation?

my friend just had a baby and her water broke at 38 weeks. she didnt' have any contractions or never even lost her mucus plug. when she went into the hospital she wasn't dilated or effaced. so i'm just curious at what may cause a woman's water to break early. is it just the baby saying it's time to come? lol i'm 38 weeks, 3cm dilated and 70%effaced.... just waiting patiently but i just thought of this question lol.

There are lots of things that can cause your water to break. There's forewater and hindwater - the forewater sits under the baby's head near your cervix like a pillow - the hindwater behind. Your cervix dilating can cause the forewater to break, pressure from the baby's head - some women experience their water breaking when they bend over or lift stuff, do house chores, walk or exercise...if the hindwater breaks, its often a trickle, not a gush. Contractions can cause the water to break and I have even heard of rigorous gymnastics on the baby's part causing the water to break.

I had my water broken in the hospital - I was laying down and it felt like warm pee - lots and lots of warm pee!

I'm 37 weeks and only 1cm dilated due with my second baby. I'm hoping some marathon squatting or intense tub scrubbing may cause my water to break - ha.

What causes a womans water to break during pregnancy?

I am just curious about the different factors that can cause a womans water to break naturally. I am 39 weeks along and I am barely 2cm dilated but I am 90% effaced. I am also wondering if the increasing pressure of my babys head on my cervix could cause my water to break? I know it only happens in something like 15% of pregnancies and I can't seem to find any information as to what can cause it!

The baby can't hold it's bladder....

How come only a few percent of womens water break naturally?

How come only 5-10% of womens water break naturally? I am pregnant with my 4th and never experienced my water breaking on it's own. I even went to 42 weeks with one but my water didnt break until i was already in the hospital bed. But my friends water broke naturally at 38 weeks. How come some do and some dont? Just curious

ALL women's water WILL break at some point but in general the bag of waters is not supposed to break until you are dilated to 8 cm but once most women get admitted into the hospital the doctor breaks the bag of water to get things moving more quickly. however if allowed to progress naturally the water would break but doctors aren't big on waiting for things to happen naturally. it is actually possible to give birth with the water bag still in tact and it will break as the baby emerges. the longer the water bag is left in tact the more symmetrical dilation is and there is less head molding because of the cushioning, also those labors are supposed to be less painful.

Scheduled for induction.....?

What are the procedures??? i want to know everything that happens step by step...and experiences....please and scheduled to be induced monday morning at 6.... i wanna know how long it takes until you get visitors??? etc.... and can you please tell me things i should or should not do while there....any tips to be more comfortable.... im already 2cm dilated how long after you are induced until you can ask for an epidural??????

I think you can have visitors at any time during induction...Depending on your preferences of induction, they will break your water(if you are dilated at least 2cm(thats the only way the hook will fit through your cervix), put you on antibiotics (which means you will be on an IV) They may go ahead and start pitocin, or they may wait to see how far you get with on your own with your water being broken....or

If you are not dilated to at least a 2 they may start the pitocin first...see, it all depends on the situation...

I was scheduled to be induced on a Wednesday and went into labor the Monday morning, 2 days prior. I arrived at the hospital the next morning, (Tuesday) and was 2cm dilated. They went ahead and broke my water and put me on IV fluids. I stayed in labor for another 24 hours and finally wednesday early early morning i was given pitocin after being dilated to a 9 1/2 for 3 hours. Within 30 mins I started pushing and within another 10 minutes had my baby.

What will happen before my water breaks ?

My mucus plug came out yesterday. I have been in non-active labor for 25 hours now. My due date is December 7th . I am 3 cm. Dilated . My contractions are every 5 minutes. The mucus is coming out of me like pee. Some of its white, clear or yellow. It will not stop coming out. Will my water break soon?

My plug came out at 38 weeks.. my water broke at 41 weeks.

Wait it out and see what happens.. your water doesn't have to break for you to be in labor.

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