Can Your Nose Grow?

How can I make a cheap growing pinocchio nose? I'm working on costumes for a play and I need his nose to grow!?

I need a cheap way to make his nose grow on stage! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I was in Pinocchio once. Pinocchio always had a normal nose, but when his nose did "grow", someone ran onstage with a fake nose and held it over his face while Pinocchio went OH NO MY NOSE and then ran back off. Each time Pinocchio lied the person ran back out with a larger nose. I know it sounds tacky, but it worked for that play.
You could also try having something wrap around his head, (Like elastic from a party hat) and each time his nose grows, he turns his body from the audience and attaches a new part of the nose.
You could also have something like several cones inside each other, and as you pull them out they get stuck on each other (trapped inside each other)
Hope this helped...but you probably thought of these ideas already

HOw much does the nose grow in a lifetime?

ive asked this before, but never really got an significantly does the nose grow in a lifetime. Like, someone with a normal nose as a young adult wouldnt have like a honker in there 30s right?

They get longer every time you tell a lie.

Poll: Is it true your ears and nose grow for your whole life?

I've heard your ears and nose grow for your whole life, but have a hard time believing it, does anybody know if its true?

yes, also your hair and nails continue to grow even after you die, they will grow for some time.

Does your nose change shape as you get older?

Im 14 and pretty much like the shape of my nose, it's the exact replica of my mother's but can it change shape as I would get older? I mean I know it will grow, but will it change shape?

yeah, it's going to grow and when something grows bigger, it's going to change shape. you're not going to have an entirely different shaped nose, it will just be a bigger version of what you have now. and you're really not going to notice that much of difference, it grows veryyyy slowly. so i dont think you should worry!

Do people grow into their noses?

I'm 16 and my nose is big.I look like colin kaepernick from the front then adrien Brody on the side

its funny that you just asked this question! because, I was just reading about stuff like this!

yes, you will most definitely grow into your nose when you get older! Just look around at your friends, you may notice some of them have big feet, really tall legs, or big noses. And just like you, they will all grow into their features. So right now, you are probably going through puberty, and lost of changes are happening with your body. You are growing older, etc. So, don't worry! you'll be gorgeous when you are older with perfect features!

Good Luck and Hope I helped!

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