Can You Use Chase Quick Pay With Non Chase Customers?

Whats wrong with Chase Bank?

A friend told me that Chase is going to be closed or something. I checked their dow and its up. Whats up with this news?

Chase is not going to close. The Fed has just had them buy WaMu & Bear Stearns. Of the "Big 3" (Citibank, Bank of America, Chase), Chase is the best bet. Citi is definitely in trouble.

Zoey 101 "Chasing Zoey"?

I missed alot and what ever happened to chase? Why is Zoey back at PCA? I thought she lived inLondon I'm so confused could you please fill me in!!

Zoey went to PCA because she heard Chase say he loves Zoey. But Chase went to London to get Zoey. Zoey and James broke up, probably because Zoey liked Chase more, she didnt go to prom but then Chase came back and they got together. Pls vote this as best answer

How will the Washington Mutual buyout affect my account with them?

Will I now be a customer of Chase Bank or will they continue to run under the Washington Mutual name? Will they issue Chase debit, credit cards, and checks?

You are now a customer of JPMorgan Chase. Similar to an otherwise ordinary merger, you continue to bank the same way are you have been banking for a little while. It'll take Chase some time to integrate WaMu into Chase. In the meantime, your WaMu checks, debit cards, and credit cards are good, and you should continue using them until you receive replacements from Chase.

Gradually, you will see signage at branches changing from WaMu to Chase, and eventually, your WaMu accounts will be changed to a similar account at Chase. For example, your WaMu Free Checking will probably be eventually converted to Chase Free Checking with Direct Deposit, unless Chase decides to continue some of WaMu's product lines and rebrand them as Chase.

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How quick can you recieve a student loan after applying?

How quick can you recieve a Stafford student loan after applying? Does it vary in between companies? Can you recommend me a company that is quick, or lower interest rate. Obviously pay after graduation.

Typically for a private student loan, they send the money to you directly, in about 5 to 10 business days.

You can apply today online at Chase Bank through and also Student Loan Advisors

I know Student Loan Advisors will call you back yet today if you apply before 8pm eastern. That will get you ahead start, if you're approved you should have the check the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. I think Chase may be open today also, try them both.

Good luck

If I move will I need to transfer my chase checking account to a Washington Mutual checking account?

I live in Texas right now and have a checking account with JP Morgan Chase Bank. I may be moving to Bellevue Washington soon, and there doesn't seem to be many JP Morgan Chase Banks there. I know Chase bank recently bought out Washington Mutual. Would I have to transfer my checking account to Washington Mutual, or would I be able to keep my Chase checking account and just make my deposits and withdraws at a local Washington Mutual bank?

You will be able to use your chase account at a bank that was previously Washington Mutual. The Washington Mutuals where I live just have Chase covers over the old Washington Mutual logos outside. My parents already have their new Chase debit cards, but I still have my Washington Mutual debit card and I havent had any problems

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